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Image and video hosting by TinyPicAeronautical Engineering is part of a global industry that specialises in the design and construction of air- and spacecrafts. Due to the international status of the aeronatutical industry, the help of translators and interpreters is often required.

With over twenty years of experience, TJC Global has established a large and diverse network of translators and interpreters. This means we can choose the best qualified linguist for your project, with a background and often a qualification in Aeronautical Engineering.

Their understanding of industry-specific terminology allows informed, professional and accurate translations without any ambiguities.

Our services can cover all manner of interpreting and translation projects from conferences and meetings to reports, presentations and communication with the press.

Our Aeronautical Engineering Translation and Interpreting Service covers areas such as:


Aerospace Engineering

Construction, Science & Design


Statics and Dyamics


Spacecraft Structure

Material Science

Jet Engines

Noise / Thermal Control

Flight Test

Rocket Science


Aircraft Design

Spacecraft Design

Fluid Mechanics


Astronautical Engineering


Control Engineering


Combustion Engines

Flight Testing


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