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Image and video hosting by TinyPicDealing with the design, construction, and scientific study of the forces and physical properties of aircrafts rockets and spacecrafts, Aerospace engineering is a highly technical field. For this reason, it is important that a translator or interpreter understands technical terminology and procedures associated with aerospace engineering. This ensures that translation is precise and informed and no misunderstandings occur.

At TJC Global, our aerospace engineering translators and interpreters, besides being highly skilled and experienced, have a background or qualification in this area.

We provide interpreters and translators for the following projects:

  • To allow international communication between researchers and practitioners.
  • To translate documents such as journal articles and materials from symposia and colloquium pertaining to policy and legislation in the field of aerospace engineering.
  • To facilitate research projects between institutions and academics.

Some examples of the areas for which we can provide translators and interpreters:


Aircraft Design

Spacecraft Design

Fluid Mechanics

Aeronautical Engineering



Astronautical Engineering







Atmospheric Reentry

NASA Space Station

Flight Testing

Areal Velocity

Combustion Engines


Control Engineering






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