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Electrical Engineering / Electronic Engineering Translators & Interpreters

Image and video hosting by TinyPicBoth consumer electronics and electrical energy are global industries, and projects are often internationally collaborative, necessitating specialist language assistance.

At TJC Global, we can offer the services of qualified translators and interpreters whatever your requirement.

Our 25 years' experience means we have a built a vast network of linguists including those with expertise in your field.

This means they demonstrate not only fluency in your target language, but in the technical terminology required for efficient communication.

Document translations are precise, informative and professional, while any interpreting is well-informed, accurate and reliable.


About Electrical Engineering

Electronics are everywhere, covering a truly global market which encompasses electromagnetics, power transmission, GPS, as well as the latest technical research. Electrical Engineering concerns itself with the application and study of electronics, electricity and electromagnetism. When a distinction is made, Electronic engineers are concerned with using electronics to transmit information, working on and developing computers, consumer electronics, communication systems, integrated circuits and electrical machines. While electrical engineers focus more on using electricity to transmit electric power, sub-disciplines being power electronics as well as the study of large electrical grids.

Our Electrical Engineering TransIation & lnterpreting Service covers areas such as:


Electromechanical Systems

Electrical Systems


Industrial Automated System

Power Transmission

Control Systems

Signal Processing

PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers)


Electrical Engineers

Satellite Control Power System


Instrumentation Engineering

Chartered Engineers

Power Surges, Blackouts

Computer Engineering

Global Positioning System

Digital Signal Processors

Deployment of Electrical Systems

Integrated Circuits/ Circuit Boards

Telecommunication Systems

Electric Power Stations

Lighting & Wiring of Buildings

RF Engineering

Household Appliances

Industrial Machinery

Electrical / Power Control


Fabrication Plant

Power Engineering

Transformer, Generators, Motors

Power Engineers


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