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Given the increasing global concern about environmental issues world-wide, the environmental engineering industry is now adopting an international approach.

Inter-governmental cooperation and conferences held by multinational organisations are common and high-quality translating and interpreting services must be employed. 

TJC Global has the necessary expertise to help our clients with a wide range of meetings, negotiations and conferences, as well as document translations of all natures.

Our qualified and experienced translators and interpreters have an in-depth knowledge of the technical terminology and processes associated with environmental engineering, ensuring precise and fluent communication between parties in this global sector.

About Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineers are involved in finding and applying practical solutions to important global issues such as waste management, saniatation, air pollution, recycling, sustainability, water conservation and purification. Their primary goal is to improve the natural environment and sustain ecological systems for human and animal habitation.

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Our Environmental Engineering linguists cover areas such as:

Environmental Management

Mitigation Measures


Environmental Restoration

Environmental Science

Environmental Engineering Law

Acid Rain, Ozone Depletion

Waste Water Treatment

Environmental Health and Safety

Hazardous Waste Management

Noise Pollution

Risk Management & Assessment

Hydraulic Engineering

Pollution Control, Waste Disposal

Industrial Waste Treatment

Environmental Engineering Law

Public Health

Contaminated Land Management

Air & Water Polution

Tertiary System

Environmental Policy, Regulation

Water Supply & Treatment

Sustainable Processes

Water Treatment

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Nitrogen and Phosphorus

Environmental Impacts Assessment

Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling

Volatile Organic Compounds

Pollutant Emissions

Natural Resource Management

Low Carbon Society & Future


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