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Professional Japanese Legal Interpreters – Video Remote Interpreters also available

Japanese legal interpreters in locations across the globe for English to Japanese, Japanese to English and multiple other languages

A big part of our legal interpreting practice, we have been providing top-quality Japanese legal interpreters for a wide array of settings for over 25 years.

As with all legal matters, the ability to understand one another is crucial. Before proceedings can commence, the concerned parties must communicate with ease across any pertinent language barriers. If this does not occur, information will be incorrectly transmitted. We understand the demands that legal interpreting presents. We provide Japanese legal interpreters to and from all the principal languages, including English, Dutch, Swedish, Czech, Japanese, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and many more…

In 1868, following the feudal regime, the modernisation of Japan (Meiji Restoration) started. The Meiji reformers were strongly influenced by legal theories that had evolved in Prussia. The Japanese legal system is based on the civil law system. The Constitution was replaced after World War II, and many other laws were newly enacted or amended.

The principle of judicial review was introduced to Japan from the United States. Overall, the Japanese legal system is closer to the continental European system. However, U.S, common law, has modified the system.

The National Diet is the sole law-making organ of the State. However, it does not mean the Diet members draft bills. Many draft bills come from government agencies, which are then submitted to the Diet through the Cabinet.

The entirety of judicial power is vested in the Supreme Court and the lower courts (High Courts, District Courts, Family Courts and Summary Courts.) The Constitution guarantees the independence of the judiciary. Most judges are virtually lifetime employees of a national governmental bureaucracy: the judiciary.

Portuguese arbitration interpreters

Japanese Arbitration Interpreters

Clarity, precision and sensitivity are of utmost importance in arbitration cases. At TJC Global, we can ensure an efficient and accurate interpreting service for all your arbitration requirements.

Bengali court interpreters

Japanese Court Interpreters

Our extensive and diverse network of court interpreters are familiar with the format, conventions, procedures and requirements of court interpreting, and will deliver a skilled and professional interpreting service.

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Japanese Deposition Interpreters

Depositions are demanding, requiring professional interpreters who can work in high-pressure scenarios. TJC can offer legal specialists for deposition interpreting of any nature.

Portuguese litigation interpreters

Japanese Litigation Interpreters

It is essential that complex legal procedures are clearly accessible to speakers of other languages. We can offer expert interpreters who often have a background in the legal industry.

Portuguese mediation intepreters

Japanese Mediation Interpreters

Mediation is an alternative to more formal arbitration, and at TJC, we provide specialised interpreting services to cater for mediatory conferences of all natures and in all contexts.

Portuguese tribunals interpreters

Japanese Tribunals Interpreters

Our specialist interpreters ensure that language barriers do not impede the ease of dialogue and the exchange of crucial information during tribunals.

TJC Global offers legal translation services for a variety of legal material and documents including, but not limited to: letters, legal documents, contracts, summonses, evidentiary documents, statements, patents etc. For further information, please see our Legal Translation Service page.

High Court and Appeal Court Hearings

Patent Proceedings


Criminal Proceedings

European Court of Human Rights

Civil Appeals

Crown Court Hearings


Civil Court Hearings

District Court Hearings

Contractual Meetings/Hearings

Client/Solicitor Meetings

Immigration Proceedings

State Court Hearings

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