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Mining Industry Translators & Interpreters 

Mining Industry IntepretersTJC can offer language services to aid international communication and supply Mining Industry interpreters.

All our translators and interpreters are highly skilled and experienced in the field, often with a qualification in a mining industry-related subject.

This means they can help you achieve your goals within this industry, whatever the project.

We can assist with all manner of mining industry related requirements, ranging from document translations, research papers, reports, audits and business correspondence to helping facilitate multilingual communication at events like business meetings, conferences or international symposiums.

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About the Mining Industry

The mining industry is still of great importance to the economy of many countries around the world and materials yielded such as coal, ores and precious stones are valuable commodities around the globe. Mining often takes place in countries and regions far away from the end-user, making logistics the most essential parts within this industry. Trading in this very lucrative business therefore requires excellent communication between the parties involved and often the services of an interpreter or a translator are necessary.

Our Mining Industry Translation and Interpreting Services can cover areas such as: 



Oil & Gas Industry

Landfill Mining 

Sub-surface Mining  

Environmental Engineering



Extractive Metallurgy


Surface Mining

Mine Regulation and Development

Environmental Management


Renewable Energy

Environmental and Global Issues

Nuclear Engineering


Mineral Processing

Metal Reserves and Recycling

Research Papers

Conferences and Presentations

Geological Surveys

Sustainable Fuel Sources

Energy Industry


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