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Finding sources of renewable energy that take the place of high emission fossil fuels is one of the issues most discussed today. As material derived from decayed plants and other living organisms, biomass plays an important role in these developments. It can be used to create heat energy and converted into versatile biofuels for use all over the world, and is a popular alternative to burning fossil fuels. One reason for its popularity is that biomass such as wood, rapeseed and soy beans are already commonly cultivated in most countries around the world meaning it is easily accessible. Some types of biomass such as wood release their energy through direct combustion, then to be converted into biofuels like biogas. Buses and cars running on biomass-biofuel made from soy beans have already been invented and are working examples of how biomass can provide viable solutions for the future.

As a truly global issue that requires international cooperation between organisations and governments, high quality interpreting and translation services are often required. TJC Global has the expertise and resources to help clients with a wide range of services. Our expert translators and interpreters are not only fluent in your target language but are fluent in the specialist terminology reated to the biomass energy industry. Many have a qualification in the field as well as years of experience ensuring informed and precise translations and interpreting services for meetings, negotiations and documents of all types.

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Our Biomass Energy Translation and Interpreting Services can cover areas such as: 

Design & Manufacturing


International Conferences

Renewable Energies


Kyoto Protocol

Academic and Research Papers

Energy Distribution

Motor Vehicles

Biological Restraints

Journal Articles

Industrial Equipment & Machinery

Biomass Heating / Boiler

Viable Energy Sources

Technical Engineering

Biomass Power Station

Energy Conversion

Plant Fuel

Natural Fuels

Biomass Electricity Generation

Wood Pellets

Climate Conferences

Biomass Farming

Thermal Conversion

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