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Japanese education interpretersSchools, Academies and Universities are the institutions which offer the greatest gift to modern society: Education. Vital to life; education enriches minds all over the world. It is the place where we come to understand global issues, the history of the human race and learn crucial skills like reading, writing and how to conduct scientific research. Mankind's ability to develop and overcome problems of every nature, is tied to how well we educate the next generation to become original thinkers and innovative designers. In order to provide the best education for our children and ourselves, we need to be able to communicate on a global scale, passing on information about new ways of teaching and learning to one another to increase the chance of an ever brighter future.

Many universities and institutions publish their own academic journals and newsletters which need to be made accessible to students and interested parties all over the world. TJC Global's experienced and skilled translators can ensure that there are no obstacles to effective communication between educational authorities all over the world. With over twenty-five years of experience providing high quality translation and interpretation services, we have built up an extensive network of translators and interpreters, all of whom are native speakers of your target language. They have experience and often a qualification in the education sector and can offer highly accurate, professional translations with no loss of meaning.

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Our Education Translation Service also covers areas such as:


Educational Technology

Research Papers

Curriculum / Syllabus


Developmental Education

Academic Journals

Special Education

Special Educational Needs


Learning Community

Legal & Medical Education

University / College & Higher Eduction

Educational Psychology

Educational research

Knowledge Sharing



Nurture Groups



Learning Difficulties & Disabilities

School Action

Parental Partnership Services

Identification of Special Needs

Commenting on Statements

Advisory Centre for Education

Statutory Assessment

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