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Image and video hosting by TinyPicThe invention and integration of these new systems and technologies into industries all over the globe means that language barriers may become problematic. Scientists, Engineers, IT experts and businesses must collaborate with one another and with the global consumer platform for successful business or services to get underway and the help of a translator or interpreter may be required to aid communication between parties.

With over twenty five years' experience, TJC Global is a world leader in providing translation services for all kinds of technology-related needs. Our professional translators can offer a range of services to suit all your requirements.

Handpicked from an large network of professionals established over many years, our specialist technology translators combine years' of experience in the relevant field with a fluent knowledge of the target language meaning documents of all kinds will be precisely and reliably translated with nothing lost in translation. 


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Some examples of areas which we cover:


Computer Networking

Next Generation Networking

Software Engineering

Electronic Engineering

Computer Entertainment




Academic Journals

Forums / Conferences / Symposiums

Technology Articles / Papers

Business Correspondence


Information Engineering


Sustainable Technology

Algorithm Theory

Computer Graphics

Computing Architecture

Operation Manuals


von Neumann Architecture

CPU Design / Control Unit

Research & Development

RAM / ROM Memory

Hardware / Software


Mechanical Engineering


Programming Languages

Virtual Realities

Medical Imaging Devices

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