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German Marine Engineering Translation & Interpreting Services

Professional German Marine Engineering Translators & Interpreters Worldwide

English to German, German to English and other Multiple Languages

As the marine industry has always been international and more than 90% of goods transported by sea, this branch of engineering is as important to the global economy as ever. The work of a Marine Engineer includes the construction and maintenance of ships, underwater crafts, oil rigs, harbours and other vessels and structures used in the water. These high-tech structures often operate in heavy seas and have to comply with international building regulations often necessitating multilateral communication. Unsurprisingly then, cooperation between companies and organisations around the world is common and quality document translations as well as interpreting services for conferences, meetings and conventions are frequently required.

At TJC Global, we provide specialist marine engineering translation services for documents of all natures as well as interpreters for meetings, negotiations and conferences relating to the field of marine engineering. What sets us apart is the expertise of our linguists. They are not only aware of important cultural nuances and local business etiquette, but have a background and often a qualification in Marine Engineering. This means they are aware of the technical terminology required to deliver professional, informed and precise language assistance whatever your project. 

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Our German Marine Engineering TransIation & lnterpreting Service covers areas such as:

Marine Law Coastal Management Diving Deep Sea Drilling
Cargo Hydrodynamics: Resistance / powering Hydrographic Surveying Meterology
Marine Meteorology Marine Operating Engineering Naval Engineering / Architecture International Trading
Ocean Engineering Oceanography Offshore Engineering Freight and Logistics
Seaway Responses Ship Repair and Conversion Ports and Harbours Container Ships


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