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Multiple Language Translators Worldwide

Professional Translations in over 180 languages

TJC Global’s translation service can offer language assistance in over 180 languages in a wide variety of subjects and sectors to suit every requirement. With more than 25 years experience providing professional language services, we can ensure that each one of our translators will deliver an accurate, culturally-aware and very professional service. Often with a qualification as well as lots of experience in their chosen field, they have knowledge of the specific vocabulary required to translate precisely so no meaning is lost. Our huge network built up over years means we we can offer a bespoke service to any part of the world.

We offer comprehensive services in a huge number of fields, including Legal, Medical, Conference and Engineering, as well as many others.

For more information on our translation services, please visit our individual pages below:


Our translators specialising in the agricultural sector can assist you with any documents you may need translating.

Biology / Life Sciences

From the latest in scientific research to the implementation of new technology, our interpreting service can cover all aspects of the international world of Life Sciences.


Our global service enables us to offer you a comprehensive range of business translators, so that you can communicate on a worldwide scale.

Earth Sciences

Our large network of linguists are able to provide translation services for every aspect of the earth sciences, from geology to geography.


Our global interpretation service enables us to provide professional linguists for all educational projects, report, articles and journals.


Covering nuclear, chemical, marine, civil and mechanical engineering, our linguists can assist you with all translations of any nature.

Environmental & Global Issues

With alternative energy sources becoming vital for our world’s future, our translation services enable you to communicate on a global scale about all environmental issues, from wind power to climate change.


TJC Global has an extensive network of expert translators, all of whom have a specialist knowledge of terminology, procedures and regulations in the financial sector. They are happy to assist you overcome language barriers.

Government & Public Sector

Our translators’ expertise means they can assist you with enquiries relating to governmental institutions and documentation relating to the public sector.


Our services cover all manner of industry-related projects, we can deliver high quality translations relating to a broad range of industries; including aerospace, motoring, manufacturing and civil engineering.


Translating complex legal documentation, contracts and statements requires an in-depth knowledge of the processes and terminology used. Luckily, TJC Global can provide expert legal translators whatever your requirement.

Medical and Pharmaceutical

TJC Global can assist you with all your medical translation needs, including reports, journal articles, clinical trials and correspondence.

Non-Profit Organisations

If you require language services in humanitarian aid, animal protection, social issues, charities, research, or other endeavours on behalf of an NPO, we have the capability and experience to help you.

Publications & Media

We offer translating for all aspects of publication and media. From newspapers to television, from radio to gaming, we can help.

Renewable Energy

We can provide translation services for a wide range of fields, such as solar power and hydroelectricity, enabling you to engage fully in these important markets.

Research & Academic Journal

TJC can assist with all your research projects, including conference papers and articles. We can help you receive culturally-informed translating support, whatever your project.

Retail & Consumer Industry

Our expert interpreters can assist with your retail and marketing requirements. TJC Global is your first stop for knowledge and expertise in the consumer sector.


TJC Global is a world leader in providing technical interpretation services for many highly specialized and scientific industries.


TJC is a leader in providing translating services for many highly specialized and scientific technological industries.

Our large and diverse network of professional linguists means that we can accept requests year-round, and regardless of the location, providing a truly global service. Our services are in constant demand accross the globe, from Japan to the USA, the Middle East and, of course, London and UK-wide.