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Industrial Agriculture Translators and Interpreters for multiple languages

Most of the meat, dairy, eggs, fruits and vegetables that we buy from supermarkets today is produced using the economic, scientific and political methods which define Industrial Agriculture. These include innovation in agricultural machinery and farming methods, genetic technology, techniques for achieving economies of scale in production, the creation of new markets for consumption, the application of patent protection to genetic information, and global trade.


Although these techniques are currently predominant in the developed world, such methods are becoming more common everywhere and cross border communication needs to be facilitated.

Over the past 25 years, TJC Global has established an extensive network of expert translators and interpreters to fit our customers’ needs. Our qualified and experienced linguists have an in-depth knowledge of the terminology and processes associated with industrial agriculture ensuring smooth and precise communication in this globally relevant field.



Our Industrial Agriculture Translation and Interpreting Services can cover areas such as:

Techno-Scientific Agriculture

Fuels / Raw Materials


Animal Husbandry

Truck and Tractor Management

Farming Analysis

Foods and Fibers Materials

Fishing Industry

Forestry Management

Raw Materials

Forest Farming

Global Trade Analysis

Environmental Awareness

Economies of Scale

Organic Farming

Sustainable Agriculture

Combine and Equipment Management

Industrial Management Analysis

Political Aspects and Analysis

Agricultural Companies

Horticulture Management

Extensive Farming

Agricultural Products

Fish Farming Industry Aquaculture