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Interpreting services for events and industries of all kinds in over 100 languages

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TJC Global offers a comprehensive range of business interpreters so that you can engage with markets on a worldwide scale. We cover business meetings, negotiations and conferences.


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Covering arbitration, court, depositions, litigation, mediation and tribunals, our legal interpreting services can assist you in all your important language requirements.

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TJC Global has provided interpreters for numerous international conferences in a wide range of sectors. In addition to being gifted linguists, our conference interpreters are also informed of the local business etiquette.


Japanese finance translatorsFinance

TJC Global has an extensive network of financial interpreters, all of whom have a specialist knowledge of terminology, procedures and regulations in the financial sector. They cover banking law, banking and corporate finance.

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Our specialist engineering can assist you with interpreting assignments relating to automotive; biochemical; biomedical; bionuclear; mechanical; medical; structural; nuclear; aerospace; environmental and genetic engineering and more.


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Our services cover all manner of industry-related projects, we can provide interpreters for a broad range of industries; including automotive, manufacturing, shipping industry, energy industry and electronic industry.


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TJC Global can assist you with all your medical interpreting needs, including interpreting at clinical trials, medical conferences, hospital visits and more as well as enquiries relating to medical engineering, pharmaceuticals, biomedical engineering and stem cell research.

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With alternative energy sources becoming vital for our world's future, our interpreting services cover environmental sustainable development, carbon industry, global warming and water conservation and more.

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From the latest in scientific research to the implementation of new technology, our interpreting service can cover all aspects of the sciences including plant sciences, zoology, biotechnology, geology, geophysics and more.


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TJC Global is a world leader in providing technical interpretation services for many highly specialised and scientific industries including biotechnology, nanotechnology and computer science.

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We can provide interpreting services for a wide range of fields, such as biofuel, biomass, solar, nuclear,water / hydro- power and wind power, enabling you to engage fully in these important markets.



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TJC is a leader in providing interpreting services for many technology-related industries including nanotechnology, software and hardware, telecommunications and IT computer systems.

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Our interpreters' expertise means they can assist you with enquiries relating to governmental institutions, as well as interpreting at conferences.



Japanese non profit interpretersNon-Profit Organisations

If you require services in humanitarian aid, animal protection, social issues, charities, research, or other endeavours on behalf of an NPO, we have the capability and experience to help you. Our interpreters cover charities and humanitarian development.

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We offer interpreting assistance for all aspects of publication and media. From newspapers to television, from social media to gaming, we can help. We cover advertising and marketing, TV and film and books and newspapers.


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Our expert interpreters can assist with your retail and marketing requirements. TJC Global is your first stop for knowledge and expertise in the consumer sector. Our interpreters cover crafts, fashion, food and drink and music.



Japanese education interpretersEducation

Our global interpretation service enables us to provide linguists for all your educational projects, including university and academic conferences, special educational needs and interpreting in Oxford.

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