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  Italian TransIation and Interpreting Services

 Professional Italian Translators and Interpreters

 English to Italian, Italian to English and multiple other languages.


We offer Italian translation and interpreting services to suit your every requirement for locations all over the globe. We cover Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the USA, South America, Africa and Australia. 

The experience and expertise of TJC professional translators  enables them to efficiently and accurately translate documents, using correct and precise terminology in specific fields while our interpreters have the qualifications and cultural business knowledge to assist at meetings, conferences and events of all natures. We offer a tailored services for all our clients, and provide language assistance in many different fields, such as technical, engineering, legal, renewable energy & IT. 

About: Italian

Italian is a Romance or Romanic language spoken by approximately seventy million people worldwide in Italy, San Marino, and parts of Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, and France. Most native speakers in Italy are bilingual in both standard Italian and regional varieties. It is also the primary language of the Vatican City. 

Just like any other nation, Italy has its own business etiquette - are business meetings all Valentino and Versace? See our Doing Business in Italy Page to find out more.


For more information on the fields covered by our Italian linguists, please see the pages below:



Italian Legal Interpreters
Italian Legal Translation
Italian Law & Arbitration
Italian Court Interpreters
Italian Tribunal Interpreters



Italian Mechanical Engineering
Italian Civil Engineering 
Italian Automotive Engineering 
Italian Environmental Engineering 
Italian Marine Engineering 
Italian Structural Engineering 
Italian Biomechanical Engineering
Italian Agricultural Engineering


Agriculture and Industry

Italian Energy, Utilities & Fuel
Italian Agriculture
Italian Industrial Engineering
Italian Oil, Gas, Mining & Drilling
Italian Industrial Agriculture
Italian Manufacturing


Media and Publications

Italian Publications and Media


Medical and Science

 Italian Life Science 
Italian Medical Translation
Italian Medical Interpreting


Retail and Consumer

Italian Retail & Consumer Sector



Italian Conference Interpreters
Italian Business Meeting Interpreters



Italian IT & Computer Systems
Italian Technical Translation


Patents, Research & Development

Italian Patent Translation
Italian Technical Translation


Click below the map to read about some of the locations we cover in Italy:


Bologna Milan
Rome Venice


For more information about our services in other languages, please see our Multiple Language Page


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