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At TJC Global, we offer language services of all kinds, relating to academia and research. Be it at academic conferences; for scholarly articles;  lectures upon specialist subjects; global publishing or correspondence, our translators can deliver an informed, accurate and reliable translation service.

The specificity of technical language and the depth of thought within journal articles, for example, means clarity and accuracy are of utmost importance. Our 25 years’ experience means we have built up a huge network of translators with expertise and experience in a wide range of fields and specialisms. Our chief aim is to make all its clients confident that they can always come back and receive the same high-standard of translation services. We are happy to assist with academic journals; dictionaries; reference materials; Research and Development (R&D); at international conferences, among many other services, and will always provide professional, accurate and well-informed language support whatever the nature of your project.


For fields covered by our Research & Academic Translators, please see the following pages:


Some of our most recent Research and Academic clients include:

Oxford University Press

University of Oxford

Saïd Business School 

British Geological Survey

Lincoln College, Oxford University

Pearson Education

The Oxford Archaelogical Unit LTD

Worcester University


Our Research and Academic Translation Services can cover areas such as:


Research and Development (R&D)

Academic Conferences and Symposiums

Contract Research Organizations


Major Reference Works

Medical Conferences

Science and Technology

Product Testing

Laboratory Protocols

Lectures and Seminars




Journal Articles

Government Services

Members of ITI, ATC and

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