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Serbian Business Meeting Interpreting | Interpretation Services

Professional Serbian Business Meeting Interpreters

English to Serbian, Serbian to English and other Multiple Languages

The deployment of interpreting services at business meetings is now common practice. Interpreters are often required for both regular and first time business meetings, relating to topics such as ongoing business plans and future development. Delegates listen to the speaker communicate in the source language and when there is a pause, an interpreter repeats the same information in the target language for those who require it. The interpreter will often undertake preparatory research and take notes during the speech to ensure faithful and professional reproductions of the spoken information. This kind of in interpretation, called ‘Consecutive Interpreting’, is often required by smaller businesses at commercial discussions or formal occasions, such as official banquets, where only two or three languages are spoken.

TJC Global provides experienced multilingual interpreters for business meetings and negotiations throughout the UK, Europe, Asia, USA and the Middle East. Our interpreters are of the high calibre required to keep up with the demands of global business and negotiation, and are not only talented linguists but are informed of the specific country’s business etiquette and local professional conduct and corporate rules. Our services ensure that clients can build cross-cultural business relationships and remain well informed of the nuances of doing business on a global scale.

As TJC-Global has been established in Oxford for over 25 years and has worked on numerous projects, we are pleased to be able to offer an extensive network of interpreters in many cities all over the globe.


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