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Slovenian Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation Services

Professional Slovenian Medical and Pharmaceutical Translators

English to Slovenian, Slovenian to English and other Multiple Languages

At TJC Global, we know that to keep up with the ever-evolving research and development in the medical sector, effective cross-border communication is vitally important. In order to find cures and treatments for terminal diseases, it is necessary for countries to work together, pooling information, research and resources.

Our 25 years’ professional experience covering many aspects of the medical and pharmaceutical industries means we can provide medical and clinical translators to assist with documents of all kinds. Our translators are all native speakers of your target language and often hold a degree or certificate in the medical sciences. They are closely acquainted with medical terminology and have an awareness of linguistic nuances and cultural idiosyncrasies to deliver precision and efficiency in this highly specialised sector.

TJC’s medical translation service covers all aspects of the medical and pharmaceutical industry and can provide specialist translators for a wide range of documents.


For more information about our service fields within the Medical Sector, please see the following pages:

Medical Engineering Medical Conferences Clinical Engineering
Pharmaceuticals Medical Malpractice Biotechnology
Biomedical Engineering Stem Cell Research Clinical Trials
  Life Science  

Our Slovenian Medical Translators can also cover areas such as:

Cardiovascular Medicine Epidemiology Pre-Clinical Studies
World Health Symposiums Regulatory Issues & Documentation Neurogenetics
Proteomics Pharmacogenomics Bioinformatics
Cellular & Tissue Engineering Neuroscience Urology
Immunology Audits and Assessments Medical Patents
Pharmacology Infectious Diseases Genomics
Biochemistry Oncology Clinical Trials
Medical Imaging & Devices Public Health Virology
DNA Sequencing and PCR Gene Mapping Monoclonal Antibody Therapy
Marketing & Advertising Case Report Forms (CRFs) Instruction Packages for Medical Equipment
Medical Imaging Devices Clinical Trial Protocol Labelling, Packaging & Inserts
Product Specifications Product Documentation Clinical Trial Reports
Drug Registration Patent Applications Medical Surveys

For more information about other areas covered by our Slovenian language experts, please see our Slovenian Translation and Interpreting Homepage


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