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Biomedical Engineering Translators & Interpreters 

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An engineer’s work often takes place in international pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies and research labs which are funded by global institutions.

Language barriers thus arise in a variety of contexts - be it at conferences, in the press or through international projects and developments.

TJC Global can offer you our support and expertise for both conferences and for marketing and PR purposes. Our expert translators and interpreters are not only fluent in your target language but are fluent in the specialist terminology relating to the field of biomedical engineering. Many have a qualification as well as experience in the field.

This ensures we can handpick the right interpreter or translator for your requirements and ensure a precise, professional and fluent service every time.

About Biomedical Engineering

The field of Biomedical Engineering (BME) is a relatively new field of research concerning itself with the design of applications and development of engineering principle for medical and biological purposes such as diagnostics and therapeutics. Biomedical engineers approach medical research by visualising minute biological processes and adapting them to practical purposes such as new medicines and cures. All in all biomedical engineering combines medical and biological sciences with the problem solving skills of the field of engineering to develop new treatments. This importance of this discipline means that newly developed methods in this field must be presented to a global audience.

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Our biomedical engineering services also cover areas such as:

Clinical Engineering


Biomaterials, Bioengineering


Image Processing

MRI, EEG, Drugs

Bioelectrical Engineering

Tissue Engineering

Cardiovascular Research

Medical Devices, Equipment

Pacemakers, Infusion Pumps

Genetic Engineering

Artificial Organs, Implants

Artificial Limbs, Vitilators


Artificial Hearts & Pacemakers

Molecular, Tissue Engineering


Biomedical Imaging

Cochlear Implants


Optical Engineering

Clinical Engineering

Pharmaceutical Engineering

Complex Diseases

Nuclear Medicine

X-rays & CT scans

Electrocardiograph Monitors

Tissue Engineering

International Conferences

Biomedical Engineering Systems

Medical Imaging Devices

Researches and Development

Diagnostic & therapeutic devices

Biocompatible prostheses

Orthopaedic Bioengineering

Clinical equipment

Micro Implants


Rehabilitation Engineering

Regenerative tissue growth



Systems Physiology

Neural Engineering

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)


Molecular, Tissue Engineering

Stem Cell Research

Genetic Engineering

Medical Engineering

Biomechanical Engineering



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