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Thai Translation & Interpreting – Video Remote Interpreters also available

Thai Translation & Interpreting Services for all industries and occasions in locations across the globe.

TJC Global provides professional Thai translators and interpreters for documents and events of all natures.

For professional Thai Translation & Interpreting Services, we select Thai interpreters and translators with expertise relevant to your requirements. Their knowledge of the subject allows them to translate technical and industry-specific terminology.

Our Thai translators and interpreters have the experience and professional background to provide high-quality document translation and professional interpreting services for many specialist fields.

Portuguese arbitration interpreters

Thai Arbitration Interpreters

Our arbitration interpreters can assist those seeking an alternative to litigation. Read more…

Business Translation, Business Interpreting

Thai Business Meeting Interpreters

Our Thai business meeting interpreters can assist you in negotiations, discussions and collaborations. Read more…

Conference interpreters

Thai Conference Interpreters

At TJC Global, we have a network of Thai-certified conference interpreters for multi-national conferences of all types. Read more.

Thai Court Interpreters

Our Thai court interpreters are familiar with the format, conventions, procedures and requirements of court interpreting. Read more…

Thai Deposition Interpreters

We can provide specialist deposition interpreters for witness testimonials, as is common in the US and Canada. Read more…

Portuguese litigation interpreters

Thai Legal Interpreters

TJC Global’s Thai legal interpreters cover court cases, hearings, and tribunals. Read more…

Japanese legal interpreters

Thai Legal Translation

We cover a variety of legal materials and documents, including but not limited to letters, legal documents, contracts, summonses, evidentiary documents, statements, patents, and more.

Japanese medical interpreters

Thai Medical Interpreters

Our medical interpreters are familiar with medical terminology, ensuring they deliver informed, precise, and efficient interpretation in this highly specialised sector.


Thai Medical Translation

Our Thai medical translators are all native speakers of your target language and often hold a degree or certificate in the medical sciences.

Japanese engineering interpreters

Thai Technical Translation

Our technical interpreters can cover assignments in various industries, including aerospace, motoring, manufacturing and civil engineering. Read more…

Why choose TJC Global’s Thai Interpreters?

Locations for Thai Translation & Interpreting Services

We cover locations in Thailand and across the globe. Please see below for some of the most popular cities we cover. If the location you require is not listed, chances are we will still cover it – please contact us directly.

Chiang Mai- Interpreters

Pattaya -Interpreters

Chiang Rai – Interpreters

Nakhon Ratchasima -Interpreters

Nonthaburi – Interpreters

About Thai language

The official language of Thailand, Thai, also known as Siamese Thai, is a member of the Tai-Kadai branch of the Tai Language family of Southeast Asia. Siamese Thai is based on the variety of Thai spoken by the educated classes in Bangkok and is spoken by around 20 million people. Nonetheless, numerous dialects and variations of Thai exist, which, when included, increase the number of speakers to approximately 60 million. There are also multiple languages related to Thai spoken in Thailand. For instance, a related language called the “Isan language” is used in the Northeastern parts of Thailand near Laos. Around 20 million people speak this language in Laos and Thailand, and it is informally known as “Lao”. Often, Lao is mutually intelligible with Thai, and the two have very similar scripts.

Bankgkok dialect

Most speakers of other forms of Siamese Thai or its related languages also speak the Bangkok dialect, used in schools, institutions, and the media nationwide.

Like Chinese, Thai is a tonal language. It uses mid, low, falling, high, and rising tones, which completely alter the meaning of words that appear identical. There are 21 consonant sounds and nine vowel-like sounds distinguishable in Thai.

Although it completely lacks the quality of inflexion, Thai has a number of registers used in various social contexts – these are Common Thai; Formal/Elegant Thai; Rhetorical Thai; Religious Thai and Royal Thai, which are taught to children in schools.

Thai Script

Thai script is beautiful to look at. Like Khmer (the official language of Cambodia), it is to be of Southern Indic (Indian) origin. Interestingly, most Thai words are loan words from PÄli, Sanskrit and Old Khmer. When you write Thai, you write from left to right. Spaces are for punctuation and do not indicate word separation.

There is no unified method of transcribing Thai script into Latin alphabet, which accounts for many variations in the spelling of Thai words – something particularly noticeable in Thai restaurants.

Just like any other nation, Thailand has its business etiquette. See our Doing Business in Thailand page to learn more.

What forms of interpreter services can TJC Global provide?

Dutch arbitration interpeter video

Video/videoconference interpreting: (Video remote interpreting is also available) TJC provides language interpreting services to support events such as business meetings, conferences, legal/court/arbitration/litigation, and other online business interactions in the industry.

Participants can communicate via video or voice calls using computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. These can be recorded should you wish to take minutes. Our professionally qualified interpreters can join your online virtual meeting, event, or proceeding, for example, and interpret remotely in the language pairing you require to facilitate smooth communication between all parties. They also provide relay interpreting.

Telephone interpreting Dutch arbitration

Telephone/teleconference interpreting is a practical way to bridge any language barriers. The interpreter is either located remotely (away from either party) or is with one of the parties. In both cases, they deliver interpreting services through telephone conferencing.

Telephone interpretation is helpful for clients who cannot travel to their counterparts’ countries but still wish to hold business discussions or communicate progress updates. At TJC Global, we are pleased to provide professionally qualified interpreters in almost any selected language combination.

Simultaneous & Consecutive interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting (also available with Video Remote Interpretation (VRI))

is used for international conferences, critical business discussions, seminars & symposiums. In this case, two to three interpreters are usually situated in a booth, away from the audience, and take turns to interpret at high speed, changing over every 15-20 minutes to avoid fatigue and the lack of concentration, which affect the quality of interpretation.

The interpreters listen to the speaker’s message using headsets and repeat it immediately (practically “simultaneously”) in the target language to benefit relevant audience members. They also provide relay interpreting, which is helpful if the speakers give presentations in several languages.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting (also available with Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)) is the most common type. It is used for business discussions, negotiations, contract exchanges, commercial, legal and technical meetings, medical or court hearings, or on-site inspections or audits. The interpreter listens to the speaker, often making notes, and later delivers the meaning in the target language.

The interpreter may wait until a pause or the end, at which point they deliver a translation relatively quickly. Consecutive interpreting may also be used at conferences for panel discussions, Q&A sessions or private discussions between parties – at a stand or elsewhere.

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