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Japanese legal interpretersWhen it comes to legal matters, clarity is of crucial importance. All involved parties must fully understand the complex language of legislation and how it might affect the individual. 

When legal processes are made even more difficult by language barriers, interpreters or translators are often required. TJC Global's professional translators all have years of experience in legal translations.

With their specialist knowledge of legal terminology and vocabulary, our experts can handle the correspondence and communications inherent to all types of law, from property, contract and tort law to equity and trusts, constitutional and family matters.

We cover a variety of legal material and documents including, but not limited to: letters, legal documents, contracts, summonses, evidentiary documents, statements, patents and more.

Portuguese arbitration interpretersArbitration

Clarity, precision and sensitivity are of utmost importance in arbitration cases. At TJC Global, we can ensure an efficient and accurate interpreting service for all your arbitration requirements.



Our professional linguists have many years’ experience translating patents from various fields and are familiar with the technical terminology used in technical patent specifications.


Intellectual Property Law

TJC Global provides professional  legal translation services from certified legal translators with many years’ experience  in the intellectual property law.


Portuguese litigation interpretersCourt / Litigation 

It is essential that complex legal procedures are clearly accessible to speakers of other languages. We can offer expert translators who often have a background in the legal industry.


Portuguese mediation intepreters


Mediation is an alternative to more formal arbitration, and at TJC, we provide specialised translation services to cater for mediatory conferences of all natures and in all contexts.


Portuguese tribunals interpreters


Our specialist translators ensure that language barriers do not impede the exchange of crucial information during tribunals.


Why choose TJC Global Legal Translators?

Legal Document Translation - With years of experience in the reading, drafting and translation of legal documents, our linguists can provide fluent, accurate translations that guarantee complete understanding between parties. From legal contract translation to patents and employment agreements, to the drawing up of lengthy legal briefs and transcripts, we can provide for all your translation needs.

A Wide Range of Legal Services - Our large network of linguists enables us to provide a tailored service to our clients in a vast range of specialist legal fields all over the globe, including Shipping Law, Intellectual Property, Commercial disputes, Immigration, Arbitration, Family law and Insurance.

Our previous clients include:

Our legal services also cover the following areas:


High Court and Appeal Court Hearings

Corporate Legal Transactions

Patent Proceedings


Criminal Proceedings

European Court of Human Rights

Civil Appeals

Crown Court Hearings


Civil Court Hearings

District Court Hearings

Contractual Meetings/Hearings

Client/Solicitor Meetings

Immigration Proceedings

State Court Hearings

Looking for assistance in another field?

TJC Global provides specialist interpretation and translation services in a wide variety of fields. Whatever your requirement, we are happy to assist you with proffesional interpreters or translators. If the specific location in which you require interpreting services is not listed, please contact us directly.

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