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Physical Geography Translators & Interpreters for over 180 Languages and Dialects

A very broad field, with numerous interesting and important sub-disciplines, physical geography concerns itself with the patterns and processes of the natural environment and the climate of Earth. It encompasses subjects such as oceanography, the study of the earth’s oceans; hydrology, the study of water cycles; meteorology and climatology; soil science and ecological conservation. In this highly interdisciplinary field, geographers may find themselves working on numerous projects of environmental importance alongside technologists, geologists, physicians and engineers. They undertake surveys and studies through processes like environmental modelling. Using software to predict and project the changes that will take place in specific landscapes and ecosystems in years to come, geographers can come up with solutions to mitigate problems advance. Yet while working towards solving current environmental concerns, examples of which include: natural disasters; air pollution; the depletion of fossil fuels and climate change, experts from all over the globe must communicate with one another quickly and easily.

Geographical research institutions need to become multi-lingual in order to be successful and any new findings must be made known to a global audience. Of course, the diversity of topics generates a large amount of international study and documentation, often in many languages and it is not only at research conferences that the help of interpreters may be needed. Global conservation societies; energy companies and governments must work together with field specialists to come up with solutions to problems both local and international and may come across language barriers in numerous contexts. Companies may rely upon the expert advice of geographers and scientists to undertake new energy or mining projects for example. Luckily, whatever your interpreting requirement, TJC can help.

With over 25 years experience providing language services in multiple fields, we understand that in an ever more globalised marketplace, accurate and reliable communication is very important. Our specialist physical geography interpreters are highly qualified and experienced. This means they are aware of both technical terminology related to the discipline, and linguistic nuance. In this way, TJC Global can ensure precise, informed and reliable interpreting whatever your project.

As a follow-up assistance, we are also happy to help you with any email TransIation Services you might require including for academic journals and research papers in the field of Earth Sciences.

Our Physical Geography Translation and Interpreting services cover areas such as:


Climatology & Climate Change

Geochemistry & Geology




Oceanography & Hydrology

Systems Thinking


Soil Erosion & Conservation

Ecology & Conservation

Sustainable Development



Energy & Water Cycle Experiments

Research & Publications


Physical Geography Presentations

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