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Bulgarian Court Interpretation | London | UK | Worldwide

TJC's Bulgarian court interpreters can provide assistance for court cases of various lengths, providing both short-term and long-term support in locations in Europe, Asia, North & South America, Australasia and Africa.

Court interpreting for English to Bulgarian, Bulgarian to English and multiple other languages

TJC Global's certified and experienced Bulgarian court interpreters have the expertise to manage communication inherent to all types of law. They are familiar with the format, conventions, procedures and requirements of court interpreting, and will deliver a skilled and professional interpreting service.

Their knowledge of industry specific terminology means language barriers never become an obstacle to court proceedings - a setting in which effective communication is of paramount importance. 

TJC's Bulgarian court interpreters can provide assistance for court cases of various lengths, providing both short-term and long-term support. TJC Bulgarian interpreters and translators are also happy to work outside of court for criminal cases; depositions; arbitrations; witness preparation; pre-trial meetings between attorneys, solicitors, barristers and clients and interviews with court personnel.

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Our Bulgarian court interpreters can assist in the following settings: 

High Court

Crown Court

Civil Court

Magistrates' Court

County Court

District Court

TJC's Bulgarian court intepreting services cover a number of interpreting types to suit your requirements, including simultaneous, consecutive and whispering (or chuchotage) interpreting.

Our Bulgarian Court interpreters can cover the following areas:

International Disputes 

Commercial disputes

Professional Malpractice

Shipping Disputes

Civil Cases  

Licensing & Outsourcing 



Antitrust Suits


Criminal Cases


Breach of Contract

Liability Disputes

Patent and Intellectual Property Disputes

Why choose TJC Global's Bulgarian Court Interpreters?

  • TJC interpreters have earned the trust of hundreds of international law firms, governmental institutions, private companies and many other organisations. To find out more about our previous clients, please click here.

  • Native speakers - All our Bulgarian court interpreters are native speakers. 

  • Relevant expertise - We provide interpreters with expertise in the field you are working in. This ensures an understanding of industry-specific terminology crucial to arbitration interpretation.  

  • Long experience - TJC's Bulgarian court interpreters in London have many years' interpreting experience behind them. In legal settings, and especially dispute resolution, this ensures that they will maintain a high level of professionalism at all times. 

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About: Bulgarian

There are between 10 and 12 million native speakers of Bulgarian worldwide. Together with Macedonian, Bulgarian makes up the East South Slavic branch of the Slavic language family. Throughout history, there have been many debates about the existence of Macedonian as a language seperate to Bulgarian. Macedonian was only recognised as a language in its own right in 1945 and there are still many linguists who consider Macedonian dialects to be Bulgarian. 

Unlike its close neighbour language, Romanian, Bulgarian uses the Cyrillic alphabet, although like Romanian its definite articles find their place as a suffix of the noun rather than a prefix. As a Slavic language, it is relatively distinctive - having no infinitive verb form and including no case declensions. The Bulgarian alphabet includes 30 Cyrillic letters of which most, but not all, approximate to a single sound. 

Just like any other nation, Bulgaria has its own business etiqutte. Why not have a look at our Doing Business in Bulgaria Page for more information. 


Locations covered by our Bulgarian Court Interpreters:

Bulgarian Interpreters in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Interpreters in Sofia

Bulgarian Interpreters in Romania

Bulgarian Interpreters in Bucharest

Bulgarian Interpreters in the United Kingdom

Bulgarian Interpreters in London


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Our language specialists utilise their knowledge of subject-specific terminology to deliver precise, unambiguous translations whatever the context - enabling you to communicate effectively with the rest of the world. We are also able to adapt to almost any type of project.

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