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TJC Global’s Specialist Business Services

Business and Specialist Services

TJC Global is a truly international company specialising in translation, interpreting, and project management in multiple languages worldwide.

We have been assisting many companies and organisations globally. Our experienced linguists, translators and interpreters are not only proficient in all kinds of languages but are also familiar with the business customs of different cultures. We can provide extensive services to help you conduct business effectively overseas.

Business and Specialist Services: We are happy to assist you with your projects in the following areas:

Short / Long-Term Technical Project Support

We have a proven track record of involvement in many industries’ projects; for example, environmental, legal, court, energy, governmental institutions, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering, chemical engineering, shipping, oil and gas, construction, agriculture, Media, and technology fields. Projects have ranged from only a few days to those spanning several years. Our business and specialist services in this sector include translation and interpreting, both onsite and in an office environment. It also covers the provision of language support for engineers, directors, managers or specialists in the industry, and even emergency services both consistently and/or when required.

Government Research: Specialist services

Governments reviewing their national infrastructure often employ external research bodies to undertake extensive research into comparable systems, protocols, policies, laws and recent changes overseas.

We have assisted many governmental policy units in gaining interviews with official bodies abroad to collate essential data to support their nation’s current research initiatives. Previous assistance has been given for document preparation, contacting relevant official bodies for interviews, interpreting, note-taking and transcription at interviews, and translating official publications. Our services also involve the drafting and rewriting of official correspondence in accordance with formal writing protocol and making sure that the purpose of the letter is conveyed to the correct person clearly and concisely.