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At TJC Global, we provide Chinese interpreters at leading legal centres across the globe - including London, Beijing and Hong Kong.  

Our clients choose TJC Global because we understand the challenges posed by legal interpreting.  We also believe it is crucial that a legal interpreter is conversant in local customs and local protocol. We invest a great amount of time in ensuring that we select Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese legal interpreters that meet the highest professional standards.  Our network of professional Chinese legal interpreters is truly worldwide.

We also have experienced Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese legal interpreters for meetings between solicitors, barristers, attorneys and clients; for legal conferences and seminars and for all types of hearings and tribunals. Our legal interpreting clients include: 


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Mandarin / Cantonese Chinese Arbitration Interpreters

Clarity, precision and sensitivity are of utmost importance in arbitration cases. At TJC Global, we can ensure an efficient and accurate interpreting service for all your arbitration requirements.

Mandarin / Cantonese Chinese Court Interpreters

Our large and diverse network of Mandarin and Cantonese court interpreters are familiar with the format, conventions, procedures and requirements of court interpreting, and will deliver a skilled and professional interpreting service.

Mandarin / Cantonese Chinese Deposition Interpreters

Depositions are demanding, requiring professional interpreters who can work in high-pressure scenarios. TJC can offer legal specialists for deposition interpreting of any nature.

Mandarin / Cantonese Chinese Litigation Interpreters

It is essential that complex legal procedures are clearly accessible to speakers of other languages. We can offer expert Mandarin / Cantonese litigation interpreters who often have a background in the legal industry.

Mandarin / Cantonese Chinese Mediation Interpreters

Mediation is an alternative to more formal arbitration, and at TJC, we provide specialised interpreting services to cater for mediatory conferences of all natures and in all contexts.

Mandarin / Cantonese Chinese Tribunals Interpreters

Our specialist interpreters ensure that language barriers do not impede ease of dialogue and the exchange of crucial information during tribunals.






















The Chinese Legal System

Since 1978, China has sought to create“a socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics.” The elements of a formal, European-style legal system are easily identifiable in China today. Moreover, few nations have produced legal reforms - substantive, organisational and procedural – more quickly than the People’s Republic, in the past quarter of a century.

Legislation of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) fall into the civil law system and reflects a structural similarity to continental European countries - particularly Germany.

The highest legislative authority is the National People’s Congress (NPC.) It has the power to revise the Constitution and create major legal codes referred to as "basic laws".

The legal system in the PRC can be divided into several parts, which include: administrative law, criminal law, civil and commercial law, economic law, social law and litigation law. The Chinese legal system can also be broken down into several parts in terms the level of enforcement empowered unto it. For example: the constitution and laws are legislated by the National People’s Congress (NPC) at the highest level; regulations are promulgated by State Council; rules and provisions are promulgated by ministries and commissions and regional governments provide rules at local level.

Opinions and notices handed down by the People’s Supreme Court are part of the legal system and provide further detail in relation to instructions, implementation, and interpretation of laws and regulations.

Unlike common law jurisdictions such as the United States or England and Wales, there is no strict concept of case law.  In theory, each case stands as its own decision and will not bind another court.  However, in practice, judges in the lower courts will  attempt to follow decisions of higher courts, including the Supreme People’s Courts.

Looking for Mandarin / Cantonese Legal Document Translation rather than Mandarin / Cantonese Legal Interpreters?

TJC Global offers legal translation services for a variety of legal material and documents documents including, but not limited to: letters, legal documents, contracts, summonses, evidentiary documents, statements, patents etc. For further information, please see our Legal Translation Service page.

Locations covered by our Mandarin / Cantonese Chinese legal interpreters include: 




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