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Retail and Consumer Industry: Chinese Translators & Interpreters

Retail and Consumer Industry: Professional Translating and Interpreting Services

English to Chinese, Chinese to English and other Multiple Languages

This largely customer-oriented sector of the economy has long been a global business in which companies often operate in different regions of the world. This makes excellent communication a prerequisite for success. It is therefore important that interpreters understand the terminology associated with Retail Industry specifications. This ensures that interpretation is precise and no misunderstandings occur. Companies often export goods to foreign countries, in which case it is important to have a good understanding of local customs and culture in order to adapt marketing strategies to their most profitable potential.

Our Retail Industry interpreters, besides being highly skilled and experienced interpreters often have a background or qualification in Retail Industry related subjects. Their experience means they are able to interpret with both an awareness of industry specific terminology and cultural and linguistic nuance, something which can make all the difference to a successful product.

We are very happy to arrange for our interpreters to meet your client(s) anywhere and provide interpreting services all over the globe. 


For more information about our specific service fields within the Retail Sector, please see the following pages:

Crafts Industry

Fashion Industry

Food and Drink Industry

Music Industry


Some examples of the related areas for which we can provide translators:

Transport & Logistics Financial Matters Supplier Relations
Media, Advertising & Marketing Insurance & Legal Matters Health & Safety
Information Delivery  Wholesale & Distribution Research & Development
Tourism & Food Exportation Quality Assurance / Control Luxury Brands
Fashion Industry Trend & Market Analysis Market Data & Statistics
Manufacturing Food and Drink Industry Imports and Exports
Computers / Electronics Industry Production and Promotion Sales 
Textiles Wholesaling Tourism Products
Management Cross-Cultural Solutions Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)


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