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French Structural Engineering Translation & Interpreting Services

Professional French Structural Engineering Translators & Interpreters Worldwide

English to French, French to English and other Multiple Languages

Structural engineers design and plan structures able to withstand the forces to which they are subjected, ensuring constructions can support their own weight as well as endure external influences such as earthquakes and floods. It is not surprising then that any worker in this sector requires in-depth technical knowledge of all related fields to assure the safety of any new construction. In fact, the complexity of modern structures often requires a great deal of ingenuity from the engineer, particularly when incorporating new and innovative building materials and sustainable technologies into a project. The frequency of international collaborations between construction firms, engineers, architects and public organisations in this field mean that language assistance, in the form of translators and interpreters, is often required.

At TJC Global, we offer specialist Structural Engineering translation and interpreting services for texts of all natures as well as conferences, meetings and other events in this field. What sets us apart is that in addition to being gifted linguists, our translators and interpreters have years of experience, and often a qualification in the field. Their familiarity with the technical procedures and terminology relating to structural engineering, ensures smooth and meaningful communication between all parties, in turn essential to our clients’ success.

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