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TJC Global can provide Greek conference interpreters in locations all over the globe  in over 80 languages.

TJC Global has the experience and expertise to provide qualified Greek conference interpreters in a wide array of specialist and technical fields. 

TJC's Greek Conference Interpreters and translators can deliver excellent conference interpreting services for a wide variety of industries.

They have an extensive command of legal terminology and are able to recognise difficult phrasing and pick up on colloquialisms, adjusting their interpretation accordingly.

This ensures glitch-free conference interpreting whatever the context.


Why choose TJC's Greek conference interpreters? 

  • Always native speakers

  • A network of experienced and highly-qualified translators and interpreters with expertise in a wide variety of specialist fields 

  • A tailored service to meet your specific needs 

  • Trusted by a huge number of multi-national organisations and companies worldwide

  • A reliable and confidential service

  • Fast turnaround times for translation and thorough proofreading

  • A global scope with interpreters in locations all over the world

About: Greek

To talk of Greek as a single language is almost impossible. With a history spanning 34 centures, contemporary Greek is merely the result of centuries of a huge linguistic evolution spanning from Mycenean Greek to Ancient Greek to Biblical Greek. It has the longest recorded history of any Indo-European language and along with Latin, is one of the most culturally, intellectually and lexicographically important languages of the Western world. It is the language of Homer and Aristotle: the language of epic poetry and groundbreaking philosophy. With over 50,000 English words derived from it, its seminal significance is truly beyond measure. 

Nowadays, what is known as "Modern" or "Roman Greek" is spoken by approximately 12 million people as a native language. It is the official language of both Greece and Cyprus and is also recognised as a minority language in a number of other Southern and Eastern European states. It is one of the 23 official languages of the European Union.

The phonological system of Modern Greek differs greatly from that of its Ancient ancestor. There now exist only 5 vowels - which is somewhat different to the multiple vowel heights, lengths that characterised Ancient Greek. There are 24 letters to the modern Greek alphabet, in addition to two diacritics: the acute accent and the diaeresis (aka. two dots above a vowel). 

Minority languages are spoken by people in different geographic regions of Greece, for example the Arvanites are an Alanian-speaking group located in rural areas around Athens. In northern Greece, there are also some Slavic-speaking groups whose dialects can be classified as Macedonian or Bulgarian. Despite these small communities, Greek is spoken by almost the entire population. 

Just like any other nation, Greece has its own business etiquette. See our Doing Business in Greece Page to find out more.

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Our language specialists utilise their knowledge of subject-specific terminology to deliver precise, unambiguous translations whatever the context - enabling you to communicate effectively with the rest of the world. We are also able to adapt to almost any type of project.

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