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Working for US – Qualifications for professional interpreters:

Working for US - Qualifications for professional interpreters

TJC Global provide all types of professional interpreting services worldwide in multiple languages.

There are various types of qualifications which we have shown here for your reference.

DPSI – Public Service Interpreting Diploma

The Public Service Interpreting Diploma (DPSI) is a qualification that is nationally recognised as evidence of an interpreter’s ability to interpret for users of public services, such as legal/court and NHS services. The diploma prepares the student to work in three public service sectors: law, health, or local government. Once interpreters gain this qualification, they can join the NRPSI (details below). The purpose of the diploma is to provide a ‘nationally consistent standard’ of interpreting professionalism. There are many providers of this diploma across UK higher education institutes.

CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) Check

The CRB is an ‘Executive Agency of the Home Office’, and its purpose is to enable organisations to make ‘safer recruitment decisions, especially in situations that deal with vulnerable people and children. A CRB check is vital for interpreters when asked to interpret in situations such as criminal trials, police interviews, witness preparation, and police detentions. Many of the national registers listed here require CRB checks as a prerequisite.

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APCI – Association of Police and Court Interpreters

The APCI is a professional association of interpreters who work within the Criminal Justice System. Founded in 1974, its core aims are to raise interpreting standards within this complex and challenging field and enhance relationships between its members to share good practice, conduct, and ethics. The services that require APCI interpreters are varied, ranging from HM Court Service, the Metropolitan Police, the Department of Work and Pensions, and the H.M. Prison Service. Members are bound by a code of practice that ensures only the highest competence, impartiality, and professionalism. APCI also checks that its members are CRB checked during their application process.

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NRPSI – National Register of Public Service Interpreters

NPSRI is a national register for interpreters required by Public Services Organisations and agencies to maintain high professional standards and quality assurance in its members. Its members are selected under strict criteria of qualifications and experience are subject to a strict Code of Conduct and its disciplinary procedures. The types of public services that the register covers range from health services, the legal profession, and local government-related issues. The NPSRI requires a CRB check AND a Met Office Counter Terrorist check.

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Now Signature: (previously referred to as CACDP – Council for the Advancement of Communication with Deaf People)

The Signature is a registered charity and awarding body whose core aim is to improve communication between deaf and hearing people. There are many qualifications that interpreters can obtain, such as BSL – British Sign Language, Deaf and Blind Awareness, and Lipspeaking. Signature is also the UK register for professional British Sign Language Interpreters.

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