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The development of renewable energy sources is perhaps one of the most significant in today's society. Finding and implementing new sustainable systems which can create vast amounts of power and fuel the endless requirement (eg. wind turbines or hydro-electric power) concerns almost every government and every industry across the globe. 

At TJC Global, we are aware that when it comes to such an important global issue, effective communication between parties is crucial to success. We can provide translators who are specialists in the field of Renewable Energy and who demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the specialised terminology and specifications associated with it.

This ensures that translations are precise and no misunderstandings can occur. Our language services also covers the wide range of growing green energy industries, such as bioenergy, solar power and wind power, facilitating your success in these important global markets.


Looking for Interpretation Services for events, conferences or meetings? Please see our Renewable Energy Interpreting page.

For more information about our specific service fields within the Renewable Energy Sector, please see the following pages:


Our Renewable Energy translation service also covers areas such as:


Carbon Trust Standards

Resource Analysis

Energy Efficiency

Carbon Offsetting

Oil and Gas Industry

Climate Change

Clean Technology

Sustainable Development


Waste Management

Solar Energy Development

Environmental Law

Environmental Assessment

Hydrogen Storage

Reducing Emissions

Alternative energy projects

Nuclear Energy


Geothermal Energy

World Summits and Forums

Energy Security

Legislation / New Initiatives

Petroleum Industry

Wind Power 

Greenhouse Gases

Environmental Issues in the Developing World

Carbon Capture and Storage


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