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There are thousands of academic journals out there, some covering subjects many of us had never dreamed existed. Rich in fascinating content and truly essential to making progress in any field, they are the space where innovative new ways of thinking are publicised. They provide the paper upon which globe-shattering breakthroughs will first make their appearance and be subjected to the necessary scrutiny of other experts all over the world. Indeed, research of any kind requires international collaboration and higher-education institutions, laboratories or technology firms need to communicate with specialists from all over the world in an academic capacity. The growing globalization of academia and the demand for universal accessibility when it comes to articles, papers and abstracts means that language barriers can become a problem, particularly now that most publications are available online.

The specialist nature of the language and the depth of thought within journal articles means clarity and accuracy are of utmost importance. At TJC Global, our 25 years’ experience has allowed us to built up a huge network of translators with expertise and experience in a wide range of fields and specialisms. Their knowledge of both the target language and their individual subjects means that no meaning will be lost and research can continue uninterrupted.  We offer language services of all kinds, relating to academia and research. Be it at academic conferences; for the translation of articles; at lectures; projects relating to global publishing or correspondence, our translators can deliver informed, accurate and reliable services for all our clients needs.

Our Research and Academic Journal Translators can cover the following areas:

Scientific Reports

Literature Journals

Academic Conferences

Modern Languages

Legal Journals

History Journals

Geography / Earth Sciences

Life Sciences

Engineering Journals

Mathematics and Further Mathematics

Physics Journals

Chemistry Journals

Business and Economics


Arts and Music Journals

Applied Sciences