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Many academic institutions produce their own academic journals and host their own subject specific conferences attracting students and colleagues from across the globe to listen to the experts speak on a particular topicabout new findings, breakthroughs and alternative perspectives on old theories. It is also necessary for other experts to judge the relevance and worth of the work, and help others integrate it into their own methodology, production, or practice.Making these vital educational forums accessible to all may necessitate the help of professional and specialist interpreters with expertise in the field.

This is what TJC Global can offer. Our interpreters are not only highly trained linguists but have a background or qualification in your required field.  This means they are aware of any technical terminology and we, as a company, have the ability to adapt to almost any type of project in which the aim is to explore the unknown and discover new grounds. Our chief aim is to make all its clients confident that they can come back and receive the same high-quality services.

We can assist with academic journals; Research and Development (R&D); at international conferences and communication with the press, among many other services, and will always provide professional, accurate and well-informed language support whatever the nature of your project.

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Some of our most recent Research and Academic clients include:

Oxford University Press

University of Oxford

Saïd Business School 

British Geological Survey

Lincoln College, Oxford University

Pearson Education

The Oxford Archaelogical Unit LTD

Worcester University


Our Research and Academic Interpreting Services can cover areas such as:


Research and Development (R&D)

Academic Conferences and Symposiums

Contract Research Organizations


Major Reference Works

Medical Conferences

Science and Technology

Product Testing

Laboratory Protocols

Lectures and Seminars




Journal Articles

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