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Serbian Legal Translation Services

Professional Serbian Legal Translators

English to Serbian, Serbian to English and other Multiple Languages

The translation of a legal document can be a precarious matter. Legal terminology is often very specific and knowledge of the local legal system and cultural differences may be required to reproduce the document precisely and faithfully. Indeed, when it comes to legal matters, clarity is of crucial importance. All parties must fully understand the complex language of legislation and how it might affect the individual. 

Luckily, TJC Global's professional translators have years of experience and often a qualification in legal matters. Their specialist knowledge of legal jargon as well as their familiarity with local legal procedures means our experts can handle the documentation inherent to all types of law, from property, contract and tort law to equity and trusts, constitutional and family matters to corporate finance. They can cover avariety of legal materials and documents including, but not limited to: case bundles, contracts, certificates, evidentiary documents, statements and patents.

TJC Global offers:

  • Professional, reliable document translations: With years of experience in the reading, drafting and translation of legal documents, our linguists can provide fluent, accurate translations that guarantee complete understanding between parties. From legal contract translation to patents and employment agreements, to the drawing up of lengthy legal briefs and transcripts, we can provide for all your translation needs.
  • A wide scope,including assistance with documents relating to the following:
High Court and Appeal Court Corporate Legal Transactions Patent Proceedings
CPS - Criminal Prosecution Service Criminal Proceedings European Court of Human Rights
Civil Appeals Crown Court Hearings
Civil Court District Court Contractual Meetings/Hearings
Client/Solicitor Meetings Immigration Proceedings
State Court
Agricultural Law Aviation Law Criminal Law
Commercial Law Court Interpreting EU Law
Jurisdiction Family Law Industrial Disputes
Intellectual Property Law International Law Patent Translations
Defamation Law Immigration Law Insurance Law
Shipping Law Human Rights International Relations


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