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Slovenian Arbitration Interpreters – Video Remote Interpreters also available

Slovenian Arbitration Interpreters Services

We provide professional Slovenian Arbitration Interpreters worldwide. Given the technical and highly specialised nature of arbitrations, we work hard to select interpreters with extensive expertise in the subject matter of the case and many years of experience in this unique and often demanding form of language interpretation. Our linguists have a firm command of the intricacies of both the source and target languages, ensuring the original message, no matter how subtle, is clearly and correctly conveyed to all parties. Additionally, their knowledge of industry-specific terminology means language barriers never become obstacles to proceedings in which effective communication is of paramount importance.

Professional Slovenian Arbitration Interpreting / Interpretation Services

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With over 25 years of experience and an extensive network of highly skilled legal interpreters located all over the globe, TJC Global is a leading provider of language solutions for arbitration hearings and proceedings.

We are also equipped to assist with specialised document translations relating to arbitrations and other legal bundles, witness statements and evidence.

About Arbitrations:

Arbitration hearings are, for many, a quicker, more cost-effective and less aggressive approach than standard litigation for the resolution of commercial and business disputes. Often, essential business ties can be preserved after arbitrations, and opposing parties can work together towards the final decision. An arbitrator, or panel of arbitrators who are specialists in the subject matter of the case, is employed by the parties as a neutral body whose responsibility it is to decide who is right or wrong after an evidentiary hearing. Within 30 days, this arbitrator will decide upon an arbitration award: a legal document enforceable in a court.

Nonetheless, there are two different forms of arbitration: binding and non-binding. In binding arbitration, parties must agree to abide by the arbitrator’s decision. While in non-binding arbitration, the process is used to help establish an advisory opinion – which the opposing parties may or may not abide by. Arbitrations follow the evidential and procedural regularity of court proceedings but take place out of court in a less formal and less rigorous setting than litigation.

Arbitration differs from mediation in one critical aspect. An arbitrator must remain neutral but, in the end, using their expertise and knowledge of the subject, decide as to who is right. A mediator must only assist the parties themselves come to reconciliation or agreement with no judgement. However, a mediation settlement is also legally enforceable.

When, as is common in recent years, arbitration proceedings cross international borders, interpreters are required to facilitate vital discussion. TJC Global is proud to offer professional arbitration interpreting services, which have earned the trust of top international companies and organisations all over the globe.

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