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For decades solar energy has been considered as one of the most viable replacements for the fossil fuels which make up the main source of energy on our planet. Photovoltaic cells catch heat and light from the sun and convert it into electricity with which we can then run our computers and household devices as well as huge generators which power warehouses, factories and businesses. The Solar Energy Industry has inspired many innovative developments such as solar architecture and artificial photosynthesis which all contribute to reducing carbon emissions. The sun is an inexhaustible source and can in long term, provide cheap and easily accessible energy to most countries around the world. Despite recent advances in harvesting this energy more efficiently, there is still much research to be done, all of which requires the cooperation of organisations and countries around the world.

In order to help overcome differences in culture and language at these international forums, TJC Global offers an extensive network of specialist translators and intrerpreters to our clients around the world. Our expert linguists are not only fluent in your target language but are fluent in the specialist terminology of the Solar Energy Industry and many have a qualification as well as years of experience in their field. This ensures clear and accurate, fluent and culturally informed language assistance whatever your project or event.

Some examples of the related areas for which we can provide translators and interpreters:

Solar Energy Grants

Hydropower Industry

Solar Energy Industry

Desert Energy Parks

Geothermal Energy

Oil & Gas Industry

Kyoto Protocol

Solar Roof Panels

Environmental Law

Climate Change Conferences

Renewable Energy

Solar Cells


Techinical Specificaitons

Health and Safety Reports

Policy Applications

Solar energy utilisation research

Solar Water Heating

Renewable Energy Journals

Feasability Studies


Annual and Interim Reports

Feasibility Studies

Solar Energy Utilization

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