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TJC Global GDPR Requirements Information

Data Protection and Security Procedures for TJC Global Language Service Suppliers – GDPR Supplier Information

GDPR Supplier Information

In order to comply with EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) supplier information around personal data, we need to make sure you as a sub-processor also take sufficient precautions surrounding data security and protection of personal data within files you receive as part of any business contract with TJC Global. We ask you to treat documents with the utmost confidentiality as per TJC Global Ltd’s Terms and Conditions. This GDPR Supplier Agreement is an additional data security and protection measure.

Below, we have outlined the guidelines regarding data protection and security, for which we require your consent. We would appreciate it if you would read these guidelines carefully. At the bottom, you will find details of how to provide your support to these terms. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us at

General Information about TJC Global’s Data Processing

Our language services include translation, transcription, interpreting, localisation, and any other service we may be required to provide to fulfil the contract with our clients.

TJC Global does not undertake interpreting, translation and transcription assignments from private individuals, which reduces substantially the amount of personal data we, and you as a sub-processor, come into contact with. TJC Global will inform you if a file contains personal data, including special categories such as witness statements, expert statements or previous transcripts for legal assignments or technical documents, including authors’ names, etc. TJC Global ensures that it has established with the client and/or data subject a lawful basis or adequate consent for processing any relevant data. If, for any reason, we have not informed you that a file contains personal data, and you notice that there is personal data contained within the file, please inform TJC Global immediately.

Before / During / After Projects

For translation enquiries, we may sometimes send you an excerpt of a file/files to review before a project starts as part of an enquiry to see if you are interested in and available to work on the project. When you have been assigned a translation project, we will send you the relevant files to be translated upon TJC Global’s approval. For some interpreting (interpretation) assignments, we may also send you reference documents for preparation/project background information, among other reasons. We may also send you our client’s name(s) and mobile (cell) phone number(s) for an emergency, non-commercial purposes for use strictly during the assigned project period.

In the event that any file/s we send contains personal data, we will use one of the following methods to transfer the file to you:

We will inform you by email about which method we select depending on the volume of the file or for any other reason.

If you do not take on the assignment for any reason, please delete the email and the files from your inbox and your deleted items and your computer and mobile device/s.

Please do not download files using unsecured public wi-fi.

We may also send you a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to sign for confidentiality reasons.

Please also make sure your computer is locked with a password or PIN if you need to break from working or otherwise leave your computer unattended.

Please close the browser window if you are no longer using it.

If you have downloaded files, please store these in a password-protected folder.

Please do not share the files with anybody else unless explicitly requested by TJC Global as part of the project.

Please do not send the files to yourself by email.

If you regularly back up files to an external device, please make sure this device is encrypted and that the files are password protected.

Please do not upload files using unsecured public wi-fi.

Please do not print copies of the source files or your translation without prior consent from TJC Global.

Please delete the project files from your computer, backup storage media and mobile devices when you complete the assignment.

We require that you redact personal information contained within the files and notify us of your data retention period and destruction methods if you need to keep a copy of the files for any reason, such as legal obligations.

General data security precautions you should take

All suppliers of language services for TJC Global should follow these data protection and security procedures when carrying out TJC Global projects. Suppliers understand that failure to comply with these procedures could result in TJC Global not contacting me for future enquiries. Where failure to comply has led to a data breach, suppliers understand that they may be reported to the relevant data protection authorities in accordance with TJC Global’s obligations under GDPR.

If you are an existing supplier of language services for TJC Global, you will receive a Job Assignment Sheet/PO or a Contract from us. If, however, you have not done this, please contact us for further assistance.

If you are interested in working for TJC Global but are not yet registered as a supplier with us, please go to the TJC Connect page and read the requirements carefully. If you consider yourself a suitable candidate, you can upload your professional details here and register with us. During the registration process, you will be asked if you consent to the Supplier Agreement terms. Suppose you do not consent to the terms. In that case, there may be occasions in which we are unable to contact you regarding relevant translation and/or interpreting enquiries if these include the processing of personal data.