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Professional Taiwanese Deposition Interpreting Services 

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Legal deposition interpretation services are a key part of TJC Global's expert legal interpretation services, with over twenty-five years experience of providing interpreting and translation services. With our vast network of legal interpretation specialists, we can offer excellent bespoke services for any aspect of deposition or Examination Before Trial. 

TJC Global has a network of interpreters working globally for depositions with foreign language speaking witnesses. Our interpreters are familiar with the procedure for depositions and usually have specialist knowledge of the subject area of the case.


What are Depositions? 

Legal depositions (or Examinations Before Trial [EBT]), usually held before a trial begins, are recorded testimonies given by a witness (or deponent) as part of the discovery process. They are used in litigation proceedings in the United States and Canada in both Civil and Criminal Cases. Recently, the number of  non-English speaking witnesses has increased rapidly, which means interpreters are in much demand for this vital part of the legal process. Given the vital importance of depositions, interpreters used in depositions must be experienced, professional and adhere to judicial protocol; the actions of the interpreters often decide the outcome of the trial. TJC can guarantee to offer these services.


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