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Technical / Engineering Interpreter Services – Video Remote Interpreters also available

Remote interpreting for webinars, virtual meetings, and onsite work with interpreters via video, phone or smartphone available.
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Technical Engineering interpreters

Engineering can be broadly described as applying scientific, economic, social and practical knowledge to design and build machines, structures and systems.

Experts from all over the world and in all engineering fields collaborate with global industry to optimise the future of engineering and design. TJC Global can offer interpretation assistance for all manner of engineering enquiries.

Our experienced and skilled interpreters will ensure no obstacles to effective communication between you and your business partners.

With over twenty-five years of experience providing translation and interpreting services, we have built up an extensive network of translators and interpreters. All of our interpreters are native speakers of your target language. Many have years of interpreting experience in specific engineering fields or a qualification suited to the industry.

This means that our interpreters are familiar with the technical terminology relating to engineering. Therefore, they can offer highly accurate, professional interpreting with no misunderstandings.

Looking for Translation Services? Please see our Engineering Translation page.

Our specific service fields within the Technical / Engineering Sector include:

Automotive engineering interpreters

Automotive Engineering Interpreters

Our automotive engineering interpreters are familiar with subtle cultural nuances and technical terminology. This ensures smooth and meaningful communication between all parties, which is, in turn, essential to our client’s success. Toyota

bioengineering interpreters

Bioengineering Interpreters

TJC Global can provide expert interpreters and translators who are highly skilled and experienced in bioengineering-related subjects. They make sure technical vocabulary is accurately and efficiently interpreted for effective and successful cross-border communication.

biochemical engineering interpreters

Biochemical Engineering

Our expert interpreters are fluent in the specialist terminology relating to biochemical engineering.

biomedical engineering interpreters

Biomedical Engineering Interpreters

An engineer’s work often occurs in international pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies and research labs, which global institutions fund. TJC Global can offer you biomedical engineering interpreting & translation support.

biomechanical engineering interpreters

Biomechanical Engineering Interpreters

We can help with all your biomechanical engineering-related projects and will provide the highest standard of language assistance while tailoring our services to suit you.

civil engineering interpreters

Civil Engineering Interpreters

What sets us apart is that in addition to being gifted linguists, our interpreters have extensive experience in civil engineering. They are, therefore, familiar with technical terminology.

Electrical engineering interpreters

Electrical Engineering Interpreters

Consumer electronics and electrical energy are global industries, and projects are often internationally collaborative. This often requires specialist language assistance. At TJC Global, we offer the services of qualified interpreters.

marine engineering interpreters

Marine Engineering Interpreters

At TJC Global, we provide specialist marine engineering interpreters for meetings, negotiations, technical issues and conferences.

mechanical engineering interpreters

Mechanical Engineering Interpreters

Our mechanical engineering interpreters’ familiarity with the subtle cultural nuances ensures smooth and meaningful communication between all parties. This is, in turn, essential to our clients’ success.

Medical Engineering Interpreters

We are able to provide advanced language assistance in the medical engineering field tailored to your needs. Their familiarity with the subject ensures precise, fluent communication between all parties, which is essential in such an important scientific field.

Structural Engineering Interpreters

We offer specialist Structural Engineering interpreting services for texts of all natures, conferences, meetings, and other events in this field.

Nuclear Engineering Interpreters

Our tailored service means we can provide language assistance with unparalleled fluency and faithfulness which in turn aids negotiations and ensures transparency across borders.

Aerospace Engineering Interpreters

Aerospace engineering is a highly technical field. At TJC Global, besides being highly skilled and experienced, our aerospace engineering interpreters have a background or qualification in this area.

Aeronautical Engineering Interpreters

Our aeronautical engineering interpreting services can cover all interpreting projects, from conferences and meetings to presentations and communication with the press.

Agricultural Engineering Interpreters

Our qualified and experienced linguists have an in-depth knowledge of the technical terminology and processes associated with agricultural engineering ensuring smooth and precise communication in this globally relevant field.

Chemical Engineering Interpreters

Our twenty-five years’ experience means we have built up a huge network of qualified linguists, many with a background or qualification in chemical engineering. This means we can always select the most suitable candidate for your project.

Clinical Engineering Interpreters

Being thoroughly informed ensures that translation is precise, and clear and that no misunderstandings that could be detrimental to business can occur. Our clinical engineering specialists have a background or qualification in this industry, resulting in reliable and professional language assistance, whatever your requirement.

Environmental Engineering Interpreters

Our qualified and experienced interpreters have an in-depth knowledge of the technical terminology and processes associated with environmental engineering, ensuring precise and fluent communication between parties in this global sector.

Genetic Engineering Interpreters

TJC Global can provide specialist genetic engineering translators and interpreters to help raise public awareness and aid research. Our experienced linguists understand this area’s scientific and technical terminology and procedures and have a background or qualification suited to the industry.

Industrial Engineering Interpreters

With over twenty-five years of experience, TJC Global provides language assistance from only the best-qualified interpreters, who not only have a native-level understanding of the target language but are also experienced and often qualified in the field of industrial engineering and its related terminology.

Looking for interpreting assistance in other fields?

TJC Global provides specialist interpreting and translation services in various specialist fields. Whatever your requirements, we can find the right linguist to assist you.
If your industry or project type is not listed here, please contact us directly with your enquiry.

Our interpreters utilise their knowledge of subject-specific terminology to deliver precise, unambiguous interpretation, whatever the context – enabling you to communicate effectively with the rest of the world.
We are also able to adapt to almost any type of project.

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