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Wind Power is considered one of the most viable sources of energy for the future. Both inexhaustible and clean, it harnesses the powerful force of the wind and converts it into power or electricity using windmills and wind turbines. Wind turbines in particular are common and wind farms across the globe create vast amounts of electricity, actively contributing to the supply of energy to cities and factories. Smaller domestic wind turbines can also be found in many countries. These are usually owned by individuals or smaller communities who use them to become energy independent, making this kind of energy both environmentally viable and economically beneficial to many. The latest development in this sector is the introduction of offshore wind farms, first prototyped in the North Sea. Here, hundreds of wind turbines harvest the steady and strong winds from the seas generating even more power. International initiatives like this one often require multilateral cooperation and when it comes to such a global issue, language barriers are sure to arise.

With over 25 years of experience, TJC Global provides professional translators and interpreters to facilitate international cooperation. All our translators and interpreters are specialists in particular fields, including wind power and wind energy, enabling us to provide you with accurate translation and interpreting, regardless of the detail and level of technical, industry-specific terminology, whatever your project, document or event.

Some examples of the related areas for which we can provide interpreters:

Wind Turbines

Windpower Industry

Wind Parks

Off Shore Wind Parks

Global Warming

Wind to Energy Conversion

Kyoto Protocol

Wind Farming

Environmental Law

Climate Change Conferences

Renewable Energy Conferences

Wind Mills

Wind Power Energy Utilisation Research

Sustainable Energy Issues

Renewable Energy Journals

Feasability Studies

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