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Arabic Medical & Pharmaceutical Translation Services

English to Arabic, Arabic to English and other Multiple Languages

The need for high-quality translation services is perhaps even more significant in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Regulations and controls mean that information needs to be transparent, and protocol must be followed to ensure the safe handling of medical products and procedures. Documents relating to pharmaceuticals, medical devices and clinical research must be made available to doctors, healthcare professionals and the growing international consumer base.

Whether for labelling, marketing, guidelines, manuals or medical research papers, TJC Global’s medical translators ensure precision and transparency whatever your needs. Having established a network of skilled translators over 25 years, TJC Global has the resources to select a suitably experienced translator whatever the topic. Our professionals have not only years’ experience in their field but often a qualification in either medicine or the medical sciences, meaning they are aware of industry-specific terminology and protocol.

TJC’s Arabic medical & pharmaceutical translation services cover all aspects of the medical and pharmaceutical industry and can provide specialist translators for many documents.

For more information about our service fields within the Medical Sector, please see the following pages:


About Arabic

Arabic is a Central Semitic language and has more speakers than any other language in the Semitic family. Approximately two hundred and eighty million Arabic speakers live in the Middle East and Africa. As a result, it contains many dialectical varieties across the twenty-five countries in which it is spoken. The most spoken version, however, is Modern Standard Arabic.

Our Arabic Medical Translators can also cover areas such as:

Cardiovascular Medicine


Pre-Clinical Studies

World Health Symposiums

Regulatory Issues & Documentation





Cellular & Tissue Engineering




Audits and Assessments

Medical Patents


Infectious Diseases




Clinical Trials

Medical Imaging & Devices

Public Health


DNA Sequencing and PCR

Gene Mapping

Monoclonal Antibody Therapy

Marketing & Advertising

Case Report Forms (CRFs)

Instruction Packages for Medical Equipment

Medical Imaging Devices

Clinical Trial Protocol

Labelling, Packaging & Inserts

Product Specifications

Product Documentation

Clinical Trial Reports

Drug Registration

Patent Applications

Medical Surveys

Please see our Arabic Translation and Interpreting Home page for more information about other areas covered by our Arabic language experts.

Looking for language assistance in another field?

TJC Global provides specialist interpreting and translation services in various specialist fields. Whatever your requirement, we can find the right linguist to assist you. If your industry or project type is not listed here, please contact us directly with your enquiry.

Our language specialists utilise their knowledge of subject-specific terminology to deliver precise, unambiguous translations, whatever the context – enabling you to communicate effectively with the rest of the world. We are also able to adapt to almost any type of project.

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