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Czech Court Interpreters Services – Video Remote Interpreters also available

Czech Court Interpreters

We provide professional Czech court interpreters for English to Czech, Czech to English and multiple other languages worldwide.

TJC Global’s highly qualified Czech court interpreters can help prevent misunderstandings and establish transparent communication between parties.

They have extensive legal terminology and can recognise complex phrasing and pick up on colloquialisms, adjusting their interpretation accordingly. This ensures glitch-free court interpreting whatever the context.

TJC’s Czech court interpreters can assist in court cases of various lengths, providing short-term and long-term support.

TJC Czech interpreters and translators are also happy to work outside of court for criminal cases; depositions; arbitrations; witness preparation; pre-trial meetings between attorneys, solicitors, barristers and clients and interviews with court personnel.

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Why choose TJC Global’s Czech Court Interpreters?

Our Czech court interpreters can assist in the following settings:

High Court

Crown Court

Civil Court

Magistrates’ Court

County Court

District Court

Locations covered by our Czech Court Interpreters:

TJC’s Czech court interpreting services in hundreds of cities in Europe, Asia, North & South America, Australasia and Africa. Please see our global locations page or contact us directly for more information on the locations we cover.

About Czech

The Czech language, which used to be known as “Bohemian”, is a West Slavic language developed from the Proto-Slavic language around 1000AD. The official language of the Czech Republic is spoken worldwide by 12 million people, with 12,000 speakers living in Texas, USA. It also has semi-official status in Slovakia, the most common second language of Slovakians. Speakers of Czech and Slovak can understand both languages in both written and spoken form. It is also similar to Polish and Serbian.

Czech is written using the Latin alphabet with many diacritics, resulting in the Czech alphabet having 42 letters. Many Czech words do not use any vowels. The Czech language also declines nouns based on seven grammatical cases and three noun genders: masculine, feminine and neuter. This means it is rather challenging to learn for non-native speakers.

Two distinct versions of Czech are spoken in the Czech Republic, and they vary based on geographical region. Common Czech, the most widely spoken, is used in Bohemia, while the second is spoken between Moravia and Silesia.

Just like any other nation, the Czech Republic has its business etiquette. See our Doing Business in the Czech Republic Page to find out more.

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