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Geophysics Translators & Interpreters for over 180 Languages and Dialects

Professional Geophysics Translation & Interpreting Services

Like geology and petrology, geophysics has important societal applications relating to mineral resources, environmental conservation and predicting and mitigating natural hazards. Data from geophysical surveys is used to analyse fossil fuel and mineral deposits, locate groundwater, find archaeological relics and assess sites for environmental remediation and is consequently relevant to many business interests as well as for research purposes. This means when geophysicists work in collaboration with one another or with international institutions and businesses, they may not speak the same language and a specialist linguist may be called upon to assist.

At TJC Global, we know that in it is important that an interpreter understands terminology associated with Geophysics. This ensures that interpretation is precise and no misunderstandings occur. Our Geophysics interpreters, besides being highly skilled and experienced interpreters, have a background or related qualification in this area.

We are also very happy to arrange for our interpreters to meet your client(s) anywhere and provide interpreting services all over the globe.  As a follow-up assistance, we also provide a Translation service. For this, please see our TransIation Page

Our Geophysics Translation and Interpreting Services cover areas such as:

Geology Lithology Petrography
Mud Logging Borehole Sampling Mineralogy
Optical Mineralogy Geochemistry Geophysics
Thermodynamics Rock Studies Experimental Petrology
Research and Publications Conferences Petrology Presentations


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