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Mandarin Chinese Conference Interpreters – Video Remote Interpeters also available

Mandarin Conference Interpreters Services

Professional Mandarin Chinese Conference Interpreters services

English to Mandarin Chinese, Mandarin Chinese to English and other multiple languages

Our years’ of experience working for many global firms and organisations has allowed us to build up a network of reliable and experienced Chinese Mandarin conference interpreters with specialisms in a broad spectrum of subjects and industries. Their knowledge of subtle linguistic nuances combined with a firm command of specific terminology means professional and reliable interpreting every time.

TJC’s Mandarin conference Interpreters can deliver excellent conference interpreting services for various industries, including the manufacturing, legal, medical, technical, industrial, engineering, environmental and energy and renewable energy sectors.

Our professional Mandarin conference interpreters have a robust command of the intricacies in both the source and target language. Adapting to the speaker’s speech pattern quickly, they convey all information faithfully with an awareness of cultural and linguistic idiom as well as an in-depth knowledge of the terminology relating to the subject in question.

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Why choose TJC’s Mandarin Chinese conference interpreters?

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Which types of interpreting can our Mandarin conference interpreters offer?

Two forms of interpreting are required at conferences, and TJC Global is happy to provide experienced and specialised interpreters for both requests:

Simultaneous interpreting: This can be tricky and tiring for interpreters as it requires immediate repetition of original speech into the target language through a headset and microphone. Usually, two or more interpreters work together to alleviate the pressure. They are set up in a booth, and relevant audience members listen to their interpretation through headphones. TJC Global’s conference interpreters have long experience working at conferences and being certified by professional interpreting institutions.

Consecutive interpreting: There are also occasions at conferences which demand straight interpreting assistance. This may be during panel discussions, Q&A (Question & Answer) sessions, or perhaps when an organisation wishes to speak face-to-face with exhibiting businesses set up in stalls around the conference room. In these instances, interpretation is more likely to be two-way; it becomes a facilitating process that allows for communication interchange between two parties rather than one-way simultaneous, which is more often a method used to convey information to a large and diverse audience.

Locations covered by our Mandarin conference interpreters include:

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Looking for interpreting assistance in other fields?

TJC Global provides specialist interpreting and translation services in various specialist fields. Whatever your requirements, we can find the right linguist to assist you.
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Our interpreters utilise their knowledge of subject-specific terminology to deliver precise, unambiguous interpretation, whatever the context – enabling you to communicate effectively with the rest of the world.
We are also able to adapt to almost any type of project.

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