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Albanian Translators & Interpreters

Professional Albanian interpreters and translators for English to Albanian, Albanian to English as well as multiple other languages... If you are in a hurry, please contact us directly

At TJC Global, we offer Albanian translation and interpreting services for numerous different industries in a wide variety of locations worldwide. Our network of professional linguists includes experts in a huge array of fields. 

Our Albanian interpreters cover conferencesbusiness meetingslegal proceedings, visits and other events and our Albanian translators can assist with documents of all kinds, from scientific papers to instruction manuals

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Our Albanian Interpreting and Translation Services

We endeavour to supply linguists whose backgrounds and qualifications match very closely with the nature of the given project or document. Their knowledge of procedure and of industry-specific terminology ensures translations are faithful, accurate and convey the exact meaning intended.

For more information on our interpreting services, and the different forms of interpreting, please see our explanation page here

For more information on our translation services, please see our explanation page here.

TJC's professional Albanian interpreters and translators can deliver high quality interpreting and translation services for a wide variety of industries, including the manufacturinglegalmedicaltechnicalindustrialengineeringenvironmental and energy and renewable energy sectors.

TJC Global's professional Albanian translators have the industry-specfic experience to enable them to efficiently and accurately translate documents of all levels of complexity. 

About: Albanian

Albanian is an Indo-European language spoken primarily in Albania and Kosovo, though it is also used in the Balkans where there are dense populations of Albanians in areas such as western Macedonia, Montenegro, southern Albania, and north-western Greece.

Just like any other nation, Albania has its own business culture. Please see our Doing Business in Albania page to find out more.

Why choose TJC Global's Albanian Language Service?

  • Native speakers all translations are into the translator's mother tongue to ensure fluency and accuracy.

  • A diverse network of experienced translators and interpreters - we can offer translators with experience and qualifications in specialist fields meaning translations of the highest quality. While our interpreters are experienced in multiple types of interpreting and can adapt their expertise and experience to suit your requirement.

  • Fast turnaround times and thorough proofreading - we want to ensure efficiency and accuracy for our clients.

  • Global scope - London, UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, USA and the Middle East

  • A wide range of services:

  • Simultaneous Interpreting for conferences of all kinds, booth work, legal depositions, court (arbitration, international disputes, commercial, criminal, domestic etc).
  • Consecutive Interpreting for court and legal interpreting (trials, depositions, commercial, criminal, tribunal, arbitration, international dispute court hearings).
  • Facilitating Interpreting for business discussions, international exhibitions, on-site & attend services.
  • Telephone & Video-conference Interpreting for business discussions, monthly review meetings etc.

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We are also happy to assist you in cities in Albania including Tirana, Durres and Vlore and other countries across the globe, including the USA, Asia, Europe, Australia, South America and Africa 

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