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Arbitration Interpreters in Venice, Italy | Arbitration Interpreting Services

Arbitration Interpreters in Venice, Italy – TJC Global professional arbitration interpreting services in Venice, Italy, are specially tailored to the client’s needs.

Globalisation and increased international trade and investment mean international arbitrations are becoming increasingly common. When language barriers arise during these proceedings, interpreters must facilitate vital discussions.

The complexity of arbitration requires interpreters to have a high level of legal interpreting expertise and knowledge of the subject at hand.

TJC’s arbitration interpreters in Venice have many years experience and can cover a wide range of specialist fields. Their sensitivity to both linguistic and cultural differences ensures professional, fluent and accurate interpreting services for all aspects of arbitration.

We cover a wide range of languages, including ItalianSpanishGermanFrenchSwedishDanishFinnishHungarianRussianMandarin ChineseCantonese ChineseJapaneseKorean and many more…

TJC Global is also equipped to provide translations of any legal documents relating to arbitration. Click here for more information.

1. Why choose TJC Global’s arbitration Interpreters in Venice?

2. Languages our Venice arbitration interpreters cover

If the language you are looking for is not listed here, please contact us directly.

3. Locations covered by our arbitration interpreters

Our arbitration interpreters cover locations in Italy and major cities worldwide. For some of the cities our arbitration interpreters cover in and around Italy, please see below.

For a full list of the cities we cover worldwide, please click here.

If the location you require is not listed, chances are we will still cover it – please contact us directly.

4. Our past clients include:

Allan and Overy

Herbert Smith Freehills

London Court of International Arbitration

And many more…

5. About Arbitration

Arbitration is becoming an ever more popular form of dispute resolution in the international community. It is a resolution technique whereby a third party reviews the relevant evidence and imposes a decision that is legally enforceable.

Arbitrators, who are usually experienced lawyers or other experts in the field of the case, are chosen either directly by the involved parties themselves or by a third party.

There are two different forms of arbitration: binding and non-binding. In binding arbitration, parties must agree to abide by the decision of the arbitrator. While in non-binding arbotration, the process is used to help establish an advisory opinion – which the opposing parties may or may not abide by. Arbitrations follow the evidential and procedural regularity of court proceedings but take place out of court in a less formal and less rigorous setting than litigation.

Arbitration differs from mediation in one key aspect. An arbitrator must remain neutral but, in the end, using his/her own expertise and knowledge of the subject, decide who is right. A mediator must only assist the parties themselves in reaching a reconciliation or agreement without judgment, although a mediation settlement is also legally enforceable.

6. Arbitration in Italy

7. Useful Links – Arbitration Institutions Worldwide

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TJC Global provides specialist interpreting and translation services in various specialist fields. Whatever your requirements, we can find the right linguist to assist you.
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Our interpreters utilise their knowledge of subject-specific terminology to deliver precise, unambiguous interpretation, whatever the context – enabling you to communicate effectively with the rest of the world.
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