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Armenian Translation & Interpreting Services -Remote Video Interpreters also available

Armenian Translation & Interpreting Services

Armenian Translation & Interpreting Services for English to Armenian, Armenian to English as well as multiple other languages. If you are in a hurry,please contact us directly

At TJC Global, we offer Armenian translation and interpreting services for numerous different industries in a wide variety of locations in Armenia and worldwide.

TJC’s professional Armenian interpreters and translators can deliver high-quality interpreting and translation services for a wide variety of industries, including the manufacturing, legal, medical, technical, industrial, engineering, environmental and energy and renewable energy sectors. TJC Global’s professional Armenian translators have the industry-specfic experience to enable them to efficiently and accurately translate documents of all levels of complexity.

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Our Armenian Interpreting and Translation Services

We endeavour to supply linguists whose backgrounds and qualifications match very closely with the nature of the given project or document. Their knowledge of procedure and of industry-specific terminology ensures translations are faithful, accurate and convey the exact meaning intended.

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About: Armenian

Armenian is an Indo-European language spoken by the population of Armenia. People also speak it in the communities within the Armenian diaspora and use its own script, the Armenian alphabet. There is a distinction between Eastern and Western dialects. These two categories can themselves be split into subdialects—none of which have clear distinguishing borders. Other distinct dialects include the Homshetsi dialect and the Lomavren language of the Bosha, which belongs to the Armenian family.

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We are also happy to assist you in cities in Armenia, including Yerevan and Gyumri, and other countries across the globe, including the USA, Asia, Europe, Australia, South America and Africa

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