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Danish TransIation and Interpreting / Interpretation Services

Danish Translation and Interpreting Services Worldwide

We provide professional Danish Translation and Interpreting services Worldwide

English to Danish, Danish to English and multiple other languages

TJC Global offer Danish translation and interpreting services to suit your every requirement for locations all over the globe. We cover Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the USA, South America, Africa and Australia.

TJC carefully select professional translators who translate documents efficiently and accurately, using correct and precise terminology in specific fields while our professional interpreters, with their long term experience and appropriate qualification and knowledge, assist at negotiation, international conferences, onsite technical and commercial meetings, conferences and events of all natures.

For more information on the fields covered by our Danish interpreters and translators, please see the pages below:

About: Danish

Danish is one of the many North Germanic languages, or Scandinavian languages, and is spoken mainly in Denmark. It is also used in northern parts of Germany where approximately 50, 000 Danes live in the Schleswig-Holstein. The language is also taught as a subject in the Danish territories of the Faroe Islands and is also spoken in Greenland. There are also Danish-speaking communities (immigrant communities) in Canada, USA, and Argentina.

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Our Danish Translators and Interpreters also cover the following fields:

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