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Kyrgyz Translation and Interpreting Services    

Professional Kyrgyz Translators and Interpreters

English to Kyrgyz, Kyrgyz to English and multiple other languages.


TJC Global offer Kyrgyz translation and interpreting services to suit your every requirement for locations all over the globe. We cover Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the USA, South America, Africa and Australia.

The experience and expertise of TJC professional translators enables them to efficiently and accurately translate documents, using correct and precise terminology in specific fields while our expert interpreters have the qualifications and cultural business knowledge to assist at meetings, conferences and events of all natures. We offer a tailored services for all our clients, and provide language assistance in many different fields, such as technical, engineering, legal, renewable energy & IT.

For more information on the fields covered by our Kyrgyz translators and interpreters, please see the pages below:


Kyrgyz Translation Services:

Kyrgyz Interpreting Services:

Kyrgyz Legal Translation

Kyrgyz Technical Translation

Kyrgyz Medical Translation

Kyrgyz Translation for Industry

Kyrgyz Legal Interpreters

Kyrgyz Court Interpreters

Kyrgyz Conference Interpreters

Kyrgyz Business Meeting Interpreters

Kyrgyz Technical Interpreters


About: Kyrgyz

Like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, a former Soviet country, has kept Russian as its official language. In 1991 it added the Kyrgyz language and became an officially bilingual country. Keeping the Russian language ensured that Russians would feel welcome in the country, and prevent brain drain. The Kyrgyz language was written in Latin up to 1941 when it was replaced by the Cyrillic script. The Russian language was traditionally used in business, however, parliamentary meetings now take place in Kyrgyz, with simultaneous interpreting for people not fluent in the language.


Why choose TJC Global's Kyrgyz Language Service?

  • Native speakers - all translations are into the translator's mother tongue to ensure fluency and accuracy.

  • A diverse network of experienced translators and interpreters - we can offer translators with experience and qualifications in specialist fields meaning translations of the highest quality. While our interpreters are experienced in multiple types of interpreting and can adapt their expertise and experience to suit your requirement.

  • Fast turnaround times and thorough proofreading - we want to ensure efficiency and accuracy for our clients.

  • Global scope - London, UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, USA and the Middle East

  • A wide range of services:

  • Simultaneous Interpreting for conferences of all kinds, booth work, legal depositions, court (arbitration, international disputes, commercial, criminal, domestic etc).
  • Consecutive Interpreting for court and legal interpreting (trials, depositions, commercial, criminal, tribunal, arbitration, international dispute court hearings).
  • Facilitating Interpreting for business discussions, international exhibitions, on-site & attend services.
  • Telephone & Video-conference Interpreting for business discussions, monthly review meetings etc.

Our Kyrgyz Translators and Interpreters also cover the following fields:






















Agriculture Business Services Earth Sciences
Education Engineering Environmental / Global Issues
Finance Government Industry
Legal / Law Life Sciences Medical / Pharmaceutical
Non Profit Organisations Publications and Media Renewable Energy
Research and Academic Retail and Consumer Technical

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