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Swedish Technical Translation Services

Professional Swedish Technical Translators Worldwide

English to Swedish, Swedish to English and other Multiple Languages

In a world which demands speed, ease of use, and ever-more sophisticated products, devices, and machines for every sector, the expertise of engineers, technical specialists and product designers is more sought after than ever. Businesses must employ experts from all over the world to ensure their product can compete in a gadget-obsessed world, and these products must be made available to a global consumer base. To achieve efficient communication between interested parties, clarity of language is essential. When language barriers arise, achieving this clarity can seem even more difficult. Here, TJC Global can help.  

With over 25 years' experience, TJC Global is a world leader in providing technical translation services for many highly specialized and scientific industries. We have established a large and diverse network of professional translators with expertise in a wide variety of technical and engineering subjects. We are therefore able to source specialists with backgrounds or qualifications to suit your requirement, ensuring that translations are faithful, accurate and professional. Our translators will utilise their knowledge of technical and scientific terminology as well as their local and cultural knowledge to deliver precise, unambiguous translations: helping facilitate global business and information exchange all over the world.

Please see the following pages for more information about the specialist areas covered by our Technical translators:

ENGINEERING (all fields) Agricultural Engineering TECHNOLOGY (all fields) Business Meetings
Aerospace Engineering Architecture Automotive Engineering Patents
Aviation Biochemistry Biofuel Industry Plastic and Polymer
Biotechnology Biochemical Engineering Chemical Engineering TECHNICAL (all fields)
Civil Engineering Product R&D LIFE SCIENCE (all fields) Nanotechnology
Construction Electrical Engineering Electronics Industry Software and Hardware
INDUSTRY (all fields) Energy Industry IT Computer Systems Science Industry
Industrial Engineering ENVIRONMENTAL AND GLOBAL ISSUES (all fields) Oil and Gas Industry RESEARCH (all fields)
Manufacturing Marine Engineering Structural Engineering Telecommunications
Nuclear Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mining RENEWABLE ENERGY (all fields)

Examples of documents we cover:

Installation and Instruction Manuals ; User manuals ; Assembly Instructions ; MSDS and Data Sheets ; Labels and Packaging ; Graphic User Interface ; Operation Manuals ; Repair Manuals ; Technical Proposals ; Training Guides and Manuals ; Specification Sheets ; Configuration Manuals ; Catalogs ; CAD Drawings ; IT/Computer Specifications and many more...


For more information about other areas covered by our Swedish language experts, please see our

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