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Both Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting can be required at conferences. TJC Global has established a large network of skilled interpreters which can assist in both cases.

Simultaneous interpreting: In this instance, two or more interpreters listen via a headset to the speaker and repeat what is being said in the target language simultaneously into a microphone for the appropriate audience members to hear. This kind of interpreting requires lots of skill and experience and can be very tiring for an interpreter, which is why it is common for two interpreters to work in partnership sharing the work. Simultaneous interpretation like this is commonly required at conferences that involve several different languages and a large number of participants. At TJC Global, we are very happy to provide highly experienced simultaneous conference interpreters with expertise in numerous fields.

Consecutive interpreting: Although less often requested, consecutive interpreting may also be required at conferences. In this case, one interpreter is usually sufficient and will be asked to assist during things like panel discussions, Q&A (Question & Answer) sessions or in situations in which an organisation wishes to speak face-to-face with other exhibiting businesses who are set up in stalls around the conference room. For this kind of interpretation, the interpreter is more likely to interpret two-ways to facilitate conversation between parties.

TJC Global can provide experienced and professional interpreters for conferences of all natures, including:

Science Law / Legal Medicine / Pharmaceuticals
Technology / Computing Renewable Energy / Climate Change Government / Politics
Publications and Media Engineering / Technical Research and Development / Product Development

At TJC Global, our interpreters are experts not only in the source and target language, but also in the appropriate field or topic under discussion. They will convey all information faithfully with an awareness of cultural and linguistic idiom as well as knowledge of the technical vocabulary and specific procedures associated with the subject or industry. In addition to this, our interpreter are experienced enough to be tactful when misunderstandings or tension arise and will continue interpreting in a professional manner.


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