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German IT & Computer Systems

Professional IT & Computer Systems Translation and Interpreting Services

English to German, German to English and other Multiple Languages

TJC Global offers high-quality IT language assistance so that clients can stay ahead in the computer age. With the widespread use of IT systems across the globe, sharing accurate and accessible information about processes and systems is vital for computer development. Our large and diverse network of interpreters and translators allows us to selectively source highly skilled individuals who may also have a background or qualification in IT and computer system services. Therefore, our IT-related interpreters come with expertise in many different areas, as shown below, and provide a reliable and precise translation and interpreting service to our clients whatever the project, document or event.

Our IT and Computer Systems Languages Services cover areas such as the following:

IT Security   Data transformation Software Engineering
Computer entertainment   CPU Design / Computer Unit IT Governance
RAM/ROM Memory   Internet: business, social networking, online media   Micro-technology
Computer engineering & networking   Next Generation Networking Programming
Information science   Digital Libraries Informatics
Pattern Recognition   Meta Data Computer Networking Data Management

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